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Destination Unknown


Adventuring groups of note in Yammer:

The Tea party- (The ladies, the flower girls, Bad ass bitches)
Highest level group. All female. Cleric high enough level to cast raise dead.
The Gleamers- (Vultures)
Group of has been and never was who strip already explored dungeons of anything of value
Broken blades- (Thugs, Villains)
More hired thugs then adventurers. Mercenaries. Recently hired as press gang.
Wilders- (Zoo crew. Outcasts)
Beastmen willing to explore ruins against taboos of tribes.
Professionals- (Rance Randleís professional adventurers band. Twits.)
Group of hired men guiding hero and author famed in his own written words
Royal society- ( Angleon royal explorerís socciaty. Scholars)
Woodwise- ( Freaking elves. Ears)
Wood elf ranger, half elf druid and wolf, elf summoner
Condemned- (Convics, Chain gang)
Transported prisoners diverted by storm off course and damaged to Yammer
Party of 5- ( Amateurs)
Young well born newcomers.
Grey Death Brigade (Geezers, the old guard)
Last surviving unretired members of mercenary group, mainly do guard duty
Outland Raiders (Jawas, Scimitar Gimps)
Newly formed team but up and coming. Led by Kard the dwarf with his brother, cousin, half-ogre and catgirl.
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