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Destination Unknown


Nine years or so ago, half way between the patchwork nations of the west and the mysterious Ki empire of the east, a peninsula large enough to constitute a sub-continent was discovered off of the frozen continent of Boreal projecting into the middle of the ocean of serenity nearly up to the equator.

Since ships had sailed through the waters it now stood in, and mapping expeditions had encircled Boreal several times, it is unknown how it got there. The term Incarna began to be used for it name

The western shoreline of Incarna is warmed by the current which had circled the serene ocean, the landscape in the arctic south is a cold desert that turns to a tropical jungle as it goes up to the scattered isles that make up the northern tip. A long, tall mountain range called the daggers runs along the western coast, which itself is a cold, rocky, lifeless shore.

The land was once home to a race now called the Churls because of their nature. The Churls seemed to have made a game of building elaborate vaults to hide away their treasures and guarded them with traps and summoned creatures as a sign of wealth and standing and dared each other to send minions to raid them.

The Churls appeared to have died off in some war which ravished Incana leaving the land to the desendents of their war monsters and enslaved beast men soldiers which now live a savage lifestyle of ignorance and extreme hostility.

There are two main town that have arose in the nine years since the discovery of Incarna as well as several dozens smaller settlements.

Yammer- Exploration Founded by gnome merchants who beat the adventurers, treasure hunters and explorers in order to have a marketplace all ready to go. A free port now ran by a group of monks of the Chrysanthemum order of law from the Ki empire who had been hired as a civil guard by the gnomes of Zurik and havegradual taken over all the civil duties of running the city.

Navarist- Exploitation Founded by a military expedition of the Temire dominion and only open to ship carrying licenses granted by the dominion. Slavery, poppy fields, piracy, necromancy and other thing illegal in most nations are tolerated if not out right sponsored. While ran by Governor-General Sark, and the laws enforced by the Termire army, many mercenaries consisting of goblins, orcs and ogre from the Nessian Mountains have been brought in.

Natives: Consisting of natives related to the beastmen of the savage isles that lie south of the Ki Empire, the local beastmen share the single word Kerist ( enemy ) for all other races. As none of them had ever seen any Kerist in living history up until 9 years ago they were not hostile at first, but the people of averist have quickly caused them to learn to hate the Kerist as much as the beastmen of the savage isles. Some near Yammer use the name Loqot instead. A loqot being a tree rodent known for being easy prey.

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