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Destination Unknown


Places to rest your head:

The squats- Free
Bring your own, mind your own. A vacant field near a stream, trench latrines maintained by the blue monks for disease control. The destitute and cheap camp out here. A guy comes by at night with a barrel of cheap ale for sale in a cart. A baker's apprentice come by in the morning to sell day old bread.
Society of the fountain- 1 sp per night
Private or shared tent, hot meal at night, cold meal in morning. Access to fountain of pure water, enclosed clean latrine, watch on camp all day and night. Price reduced by contributions and chores.
Brass tacks = 5 sp per night
Furnished shack with padlocked door, meals with carpenter's work crew. Drinks sold out of shack rented by two retired sailors.
The silver mug- 1gp per night
As much a brewery as a inn. 6 room with two beds, 4 singles, 3 attic rooms with six beds each. All meal and one tap drink per meal. Token for free entry to bath house.
Gold lion- 10gp per night.
Private suite. Hot baths in room, massages, laundry, basic meals and drinks, in house cleric. Gambling and shows open to public. Build on top of Hall of kings dungeon.
Homes for rent or purchase- Varies
Shack to mansions either sold or claimed by Chrysanthemum Bank.

Other places for drink or feed:

Slabs by the bay- 4cp
A slab of meat, fish, fowl or furred, roasted on a grill, a small loaf of bread, and a mug of beer watered down with fruit juice the owner, a dwarf named Drago, calls a shanty. Slab is a lizard man who mans the grill.
The cook house- 1-3 cp
Hearty meals, choice of 3 dishes. The cheap one, the all right one, and the filling one. Benches at long tables. Weak ale on tap, but mainly a place to eat
Night haunt tavern.
Build in crypts below ruined temple. Strong drinks, armed bar maids, plenty of dark isolated places to meet or just drink in solitude. Up above, the House of dreams sells safe guarded room and opium pipes.
The Tarnished mug.
A tavern that sells drinks and cold meals that sits across the street from the adventurers guild, limited seating.
The Gilded Goose
Live entertainment, over priced drinks, decent food but terrible service. Pretty quite during day.
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