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Destination Unknown


Here's where you find out what's happened in previous adventures and what's still to come (in some cases).

Into the Unknown
A game is announced (Updated: Thursday, 04/02/2020 22:25:00)

The first leg
Go someplace, kill something, take their stuff. (Updated: Sunday, 04/05/2020 21:01:00)

Against the Grain
Another day another dungeon (Updated: Thursday, 04/16/2020 13:48:00)

A shout in the dark
Get off my lawn! (Updated: Wednesday, 04/22/2020 23:29:00)

Hounds of darkness and light
Nope, not today. Let someone else try (Updated: Thursday, 05/07/2020 10:41:00)

The Dancing Tomb
God dammit fucking tower, wait, what proclamation? (Updated: Wednesday, 06/03/2020 23:13:00)

And behind door number one
Commander I think someone else is in here with us.
Hmmm...So long as the crown ends up in my hands I don't mind others bleeding for it.
(Updated: Wednesday, 06/24/2020 23:45:00)

fight for the crown
(Updated: Thursday, 07/02/2020 00:43:00)

Putting the band back together
WE've done the shopping, now back to the grindstone (Updated: Thursday, 07/09/2020 00:02:00)

Web site.
Freaking horrible spider monsters are attacking the village of golden grains, adventurers needed for punitive expedition (Updated: Wednesday, 08/19/2020 22:22:00)

The wet hole
oh shit, bleeding from the eyes (Updated: Wednesday, 08/19/2020 22:21:00)

Puritans gone wild
"You must serve the mother."
(The mother, the mother, all will serve the mother)

"What the hell, get you hands off me!"
(Updated: Thursday, 09/10/2020 11:27:00)

Hall of echoes
I can't believe we cross a entire ocean just for a kill rats in the cellar quest...dam they are big, but why are they bleeding from their eyes? (Updated: Thursday, 09/17/2020 01:44:00)

The book of seven very fine tales for the worthy
It can only be used by sorcerers, isn't hat cat guy one? (Updated: Wednesday, 09/30/2020 23:14:00)

Second story job
It's story time again kiddies (Updated: Wednesday, 10/14/2020 23:34:00)

House of fun
Is that our names carved over those open tombs? You know what, here is good, that all we need to know. (Updated: Wednesday, 11/04/2020 23:31:00)

Tomb of pride
For his highness's pride we breached this land, for his highness's pride we fell into their hands (Updated: Thursday, 11/19/2020 00:14:00)

Deeper and Darker
The children die and we are betrayed again, i will savoir you deaths (Updated: Wednesday, 12/09/2020 23:20:00)

Expect at least one riddle
I have a opportunity for you (Updated: Thursday, 12/17/2020 00:21:00)

Sphinx Air
They go to the dungeon and then the dungeon come to us (Updated: Thursday, 01/07/2021 08:45:00)

Escape the Valley of the Damned
We wait, they tried the pyramid, they tried the walls, next they will face the warden and then either die or free us. (Updated: Thursday, 01/28/2021 00:35:00)

Chimiric Hall. Beyound the uninteresting zone
Holy tudds! Run away! (Updated: Thursday, 03/04/2021 01:28:00)

The Drained from the drains
Good eye kid, go tell the town guard while we keep a eye on it. (Updated: Thursday, 03/25/2021 01:42:00)

Basement of evil
I think we may have company soon my dear. Call your friends. (Updated: Thursday, 04/01/2021 02:32:00)

Beyound the channels of darkness
My Master would love to have you for dinner.
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