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Destination Unknown

The wet hole - 11


After finishing of the spider queen the party returns to town to find yellow plauge warning


A mysterious hooded figure curse the town with a red mist tha caused people to bleed from the eyes, native were immune and set to watch for returning adventuerers to send them off to a already looted dungeon which ha a grove of magical panacea fruit which could cure the whole town at once to prevent reinfection. They fought a water elemental, bypassed some traps, and fought a bear that tumbled out the back down when they opened it.


"Run away"

"He din't throw it, he just kinda tossed it."

"Smokeing, not fried"

The Spoils

A single 1,000 pink pearl

oil of arcane mark with brush in cap

2,000gp reward

From spider queen:

amulet of health +2
potions of catís grace (2), potions of cure light wounds (2), potion of cure moderate wounds, potion of protection from arrows, scroll of comprehend languages, scrolls of mage armor (2)
cloak of resistance +1, ring of protection +1, spellbook, 239 gp

150gp in silk pouch each

Cloak of Arachnida

Assassin's Cloak

Shadow Cloak

Cloak of resistance +3

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravick 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 Need 1300 for level 2

Dravik 13701.0 0.0 0.0 13701 Need 1299 for level 6

Ezug 6173.0 0.0 0.0 6173 Need 3827 for level 5

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 14883.0 360.0 1600.0 16843 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 6157 for level 7
fruit quest +300
open back door +30
send cat for errands +30

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 14883.0 90.0 1600.0 16573 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 6427 for level 7
fruit quest +30
dwarf overobard +30
teamowrk +30

Ogren 14943.0 360.0 1600.0 16903 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 6097 for level 7
fruit quest +300
awwwww +30
passing the torch +30

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