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Destination Unknown

Deeper and Darker - 18


the players discovered the inbred part human descendants of a lost army of dwarves and then kill them, this week they look for more to kill


The group finished healing up in the darrow fort and returned to the split cavern only to find a pair of stone ropers holed up below the stairs who inflicted enough strength damage on the group to force them into healing up for another two days

returning to the fight they discovered that a group of darro had come with a wagon to collect the healing water of the magical spring and had field dressed the remains of the roper, following the track they discovered the female portion of the derro clan who after the party failed to attack them on sight aswered some questions leading to another path.

The hall of the dead contain a memorial to the dwarves who had fallen in a attack on the land of incarna under the command of prince Anoch, it also contain a shrine to Prince Anoch which contained a throne with a hole in the seat and a inscription “May the glory he deserves fall upon him”

Down below in the cess pit sat Anoch’s tome, a sarcophagus carve with a naked dwarf face down with his wrist and ankles manacled together.

A group of Othugh hearing noise in the tomb above gathered below and began parroting phrases in dwarven such as “Unclench” “Do you need a magazine” and “Use the poop stool”

Seting the tomb of fire to clean it and drive off the othugh caused them to panic and put out the fire, while climbing down the pit confused them enough to hold them back long enough to open the tomb revealing the insane allip ghost which quickly fell.

The crown of the dwarven prince, laying in the pelvic region of the skeleton was recovred and the gorup climed back up

below they found dorn a undead dwarf who had discovered a cave which lead him to worship the dweller below. Dorn sat on a mound of crystal illuminated by the cave behind him with a backdrop of the third bias relief telling the story of the fallen dwarves but his time only a confused mess of images, while before his mound stood a collection of dead darro posed in a bowing position.

A conversation resulted in which Dorn angrily denounced the group as being late to rescue his people and on discovering they just some random adventurers which he derided to throw to his women to replace the male derro the party had killed.

Dorn revealed his toothy maws in his palms and his pet cloaker in the resulting fight, the group did their best to seal the cave and managed to get a group of the female derro to follow them back to yammer to discuss returnign to the dwarven home land.

Side note
the players learned the dwarven king who led the rebellion against the titans who had held them in bondage took the titan’s king ring as a crown and had made 6 lesser crown to mark his children as being on a mission for him, the party discovered one of the two lost crowns.

They also learned that the king of the dwarves had been cursed with immortality with out enteral youth, so Ogren being a prince of the dwarves was clearly a joke to those in the know

With the crown in the group home clan, arrangement were made to move the derro women and children to a land grant in the dwarven kingdom.
On return to town they received a ransom note for the drugar girl who had spread rumor that ogren was a prince the ransom was 6 if the ten ox tail whisk korin had been given. The group refused to even try to rescue her let along pay the ransom and her fate remained unrevealed.


They could play tug of war

I don't know her

The Spoils

49 pp, 444 gp, 62 sp, 120 cp
1. Freshwater Pearl (12 gp)
2. Moonstone (60 gp)
3. Pyrite (11 gp)
4. Sardonyx (45 gp)
5. Shell (8 gp)
Total value = 136 gp
1. Masterwork Chainmail (300 gp)
2. Masterwork Longbow (375 gp)
3. Masterwork Longsword (315 gp)
4. Masterwork Shortsword (310 gp)
Total value = 1300 gp
1. Oil of Animate Rope (cr, 50 gp)
2. Oil of Bless Weapon (cr, 50 gp)
3. Potion of Guidance (cr, 25 gp)
4. 2 x Potion of Pass without Trace (cr, 50 gp)
5. Potion of Protection from Good (cr, 50 gp)
6. Scroll of Identify (cr, 25 gp)
7. Scroll of Produce Flame (cr, 25 gp)
8. Wand of Grease (cr, 750 gp)
9. Wand of Guidance (cr, 375 gp)

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravick 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 Need 1300 for level 2

Dravik 43695.0 70.0 5100.0 48865 Need 1135 for level 9
Passing on a fight +70

Ezug 6173.0 0.0 0.0 6173 Need 3827 for level 5

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 37362.0 0.0 0.0 37362 Need 12638 for level 9

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 44981.0 70.0 5100.0 50151 Went from Level 8 to 9
Need 20849 for level 10
they must have really hated this guy +35
they shoved it up his ass +35

Ogren 44192.0 70.0 5100.0 49362 Need 638 for level 9
blessing tomb +35
sealing mouth of the dweller +35

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