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Destination Unknown

Expect at least one riddle - 19


Marrick Spivey was a well known explorer who despaired of finding new lands to explore when he heard the news of a new land suddenly appearing and immediately set off in his ship the ďGrand tourĒ. He made a landing a spent several week exploring what is now the city of Yammer and it surrounding environment before heading off on a mission of his own.

Two weeks ago his remains were found in the branches of tree.

The magic items on his corpse were sold at auction by the adventures who found it, the Wood wise, including a bag of holding bought by Frederick Arlington, the head of the adventure's guild and once personal secretary to Marrick Spivey

The bag is seemed had a hidden second magical storage space in it clasp that held a single item, available only to someone who knew the command word.

And it that clasp was a challenge hall key with a sphinx on it pommel whose eye light up when held in one direction, potentially in the direction of itís hall


Using a second kiosk to triangulate the distance to the challenge hall the group set off.

While crossing a rope bridge over a crevase a group of red panda men set up a ambush to free Dracick from his enslavers, but they scattered as koric rushed them

they fought a mated pair of bulettes take portions of their hide for materials for enchanting

they took shelter from a storm of ink and book

they reach a gigantic stone shinx and answered a riddle to enter, pass a set of spinning hall that unleased undead, crossed a round room with a circular pool, activated a sumoned dire hippo after stealing the main treasure of the hall, gathered a dew magic item by ansering riddle and then entered the final room

in this room the rakshasa Bledsoul disguised himself as Merrick Spivey to lure dravik in close enough to try to off him while his 4 beast man maidens revealed themselves to be dire apes apon his death his eye glowed green and another voice spoke saying they had doomed their home as the entire dungeon animated and began to fly toward yammer


Dravick: I'm a ranger, so I might not have to carry as much gear.
GM: You know where to find the trees with the canned tuna.

Steve: Hey, what happened to Kard?
GM: Sorry, I was trying to kill off Dravik, go ahead.
Steve: Ok, I tie my shoe.

GM: I have to tell you what's on your own sheet, it's like playing with Nathan again.

Steve: I hope the hippopotamus won't hit us. I hope that it rolls nothing more than 2.

GM: I do have enough d6 out.
Steve: He could also play Champions, but don't worry about it.

GM: He is pissed. He got greased, so he's been lubed and blinded.

The Spoils

Dravik: Belt of Healing, Martyr's Tear, Wand of Feather Fall, Wand of Mount

Scroll of Inflict Light Wounds

Dagger +3

Lapis Camel Figurine of Wondrous Power
Price 7,500 g
This palm-sized camel figurine is sculpted of lapis lazuli. When you throw the lapis camel to the ground and speak the command word, it turns into a dromedary camel. The camel acts as a normal camel in all respects, except that it obeys your verbal commands to the best of its animal-level intelligence. At your command, the camel returns to its figurine form. The lapis camel can be used up to 3 times per week for up 8 hours each use.

Martyrís Tear
Aura moderate necromancy; CL 6th; Weigh --; Slot none; Price 6,000 g
This imperfect, rose-tinted gemstone resembles a teardrop or a broken heart depending on its orientation. Its pale facets are typically marred by a single crack or chip near the gemís middle.
Once per day, the bearer may spend a standard action to transfer 3d6 hit points from himself into the gem. This deepens the gemís color, with a stronger color indicating more life energy stored in it. The gem can store a maximum of 18 hit points. If any hit points are stored in the gem, the bearer may touch it himself or another creature as a standard action, transferring all the stored life energy from the gem to the target creature, healing it a number of hit points equal to the amount stored in the gem. This returns the gem to its normal color.

14 50gp topaz gems

970 gp

Amethyst silver ring(80 gp)
Aquamarine earring (450 gp)
Citrine earring (50 gp)
Gold framed monocle (50 gp)
Bronze flagon with warrior images (50 gp)
Crystal skull (80 gp)
Decorated gold plate (700 gp)
2 x Silver flagon with sphinxes (80 gp)
Silver statue of a sphinx (65 gp)

3,000 gp sphinx statue

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravik 48865.0 540.0 5100.0 54505 Went from Level 8 to 9
Need 16495 for level 10
finding out spivey's fate +450
burning through another two lives +90

Ezug 6173.0 0.0 0.0 6173 Need 3827 for level 5

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 37362.0 5540.0 5100.0 48002 Need 1998 for level 9
finding out spivey's fate +450
catch up +5000
riddles +60
fright door +30

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 50151.0 540.0 5100.0 55791 Need 15209 for level 10
finding out spivey's fate +450
riddles +30
leaping bullets +30
trap +30

Ogren 49362.0 540.0 5100.0 55002 Went from Level 8 to 9
Need 15998 for level 10
finding out spivey's fate +450
blessed are we +90

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