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Destination Unknown

The first leg - 2


I'm going to run something if no one else is ready that night since boardgames might be impossible over the internet


Short version:

The characters hook up and decided to complete a dead guy’s plans to head out and loot a dungeon. A group of soldiers from Navarist got there just ahead of them and died trying the place, the group makes their own way to the house of severed limbs and push in past the first trap and some summoned monsters before deciding to camp out in the dungeons.

Long version:

Three dwarves from Crag hold take a sea voyage the Rambler out of Artego, They have been assigned papers as ambassadors without portfolio to give them some standing on what is a sort of combined exile and rite of manhood.

On their arrival in the city of Yammer they make their way to the Augustine building to deliver a diplomatic pouch to Councilor Levil only to discover he passed away 2 months earlier from heart failure.

The Augustine building’s shared secretary, a halfling named Duarte had collected Levil’s papers and hidden them away fearing the the Councilor had been killed as some sort of plot and passed on the papers describing a expedition Levil had been putting together to the ruined city of Jarevar to find a door said to be there that matched a key he had won in a auction.

Assisting the group is a half ogre deserted from a Termire dominion mercenary group Duarte had hired as a guard for the building after Levil’s death but had proven unnecessary.

The group took a key that had been on Levil desk for a lockbox in the Chrysanthemum order’s bank which held the key Levil had one, a magically encrypted notebook and a bag filled with 9 gems of 9 colors.

The bank turned out to be a former temple dedicated to the Churl god or goddess of lust, but the statues had been covered in sail cloths.

A guide that had been hired by Levil named Corvin heard that the expedition was back on and got himself hired. Corvin had been a hired baggage bearer for the group who had originally found the two headed eagle door.

On the journey out they encounter some snatchers, large spider that hunted like a pack of wolves instead of spinning webs, met a plumed messenger bird which fixated on Korin’s voice but fled as they came onto the grizzly site of 6 skinned men impaled on the sharpened branches of a dead tree.

That night a pack of undead, uncledeing a set of freshly animated Termire soliders, under the guidance of a lantern lighted with the soul of a fiend, attacked the group before the undead were put down and the lantern captured.

After takeing a day to recover from their wounds they entered the ruined city and were soon spotted by the stone throwing devil and tribe of Monkey men who allowed the group to act freely after they ran a gauntlet of young devils throwing stones at them without attempting to kill any of them.

They entered the dungeon and were greeted by a animated head in a tank who welcomed them to the house of severed limbs were the foolish could bet their limbs for the chance to win the eye of the serpent. Near the pedestal lay a Temire soldier’s body with a missing leg and a note saying to beware the reaper.

The first room contained another door which required two keys and a fountain in the middle of the room after fighting the two giant crabs summoned summoned by the fountain they saw a room to one side with a key suspended over a pit with a trail of blood stains leading toward it and another room with a hole in the wall that turned downward to were they could a key reflected in a mirror at the bottom.

Returning to the first room to rest, they discovered a trap on the stair that only activated for leaving by trying to cut off a leg.


Tim: I have a +4 Wisdom bonus
Lou: You'rs still ugly.

Tim: She hates seaman.
Steve: None has ever done her any favors.

(A would be press-gang is eyeballing the group)
Kard: You blew it, I'm a great ship's carpenter (flips up kilt to display his "hammer")
Press Ganger: You're not packing much wood.
Kard: You're not my type.

Joe: A painfully skinny kid (think JOe Hall) approaches.

Steve: I'll straddle him.
GM: He starts screaming. Did you forget you're regimental?
Steve: I never forget

Steve: You hear the faint tink-tink sound as the key falls out on the other side of the door.

The Spoils

9 gems worth 10gp each
enchanted note book
mw mitril longsword
loaded pistol
3 gp minted in nararist
27 sp from Temire
a left boot

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Ezug 200.0 10.0 1112.0 1322 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1978 for level 3
Taunting dwarves +10

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 200.0 10.0 1112.0 1322 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1978 for level 3
Dad liked you best +10

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 200.0 10.0 1112.0 1322 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1978 for level 3
I will be the tribute +10

Ogren 200.0 10.0 1112.0 1322 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1978 for level 3
Touch down x2 +10

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