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Destination Unknown

Sphinx Air - 20


The party is inside a challenge hall build inside of a giant stone sphinx, which is now flying apparently to destroy the city of yammer


The party briefly consider the ramifications of destroying the sphinx challenge hall in face of the threatened destruction of Yammer made by undead army.

Their concerns prove pointless as the colossal construct proves to be a failure in terms of flight as it own wing beats begin to tear it apart and the group after trying to coordinate finally get close enough together to all fall together under the effect of a feather fall spell.

Behind them the challenge hall make one last summons of it creature to call the true boss monster of the challange hall, a mummy which falls to the ground far below them and two Hieracosphinx which they fight in mid air.

The group finally set to the ground hearing drumbeats all around them and are greeted by mix group of humans, elves, goblins and beastmen who proclaim the group the three bearded champions of freedom and the grumpy cat. They call themselves the lost. Merkin their leader claims they are called the since each day they awaken with all their memories gone and only name made by themselves to tell them the the valley is looped on itself where trying to climb or tunnel out just leads them back in and the only way out it the passage guarded by giant skeleton covered in damp weeds and moss called the warden.

Kard suspect something is up and that the lost are lying about who they are, while dravic note they all smell of reptile. Legend of a race of shape changing snake men call face dancers who were lock away for infiltrating tribes for assassination and to manipulate them and were locked away in thier valley thier maker created them in.

In order to escape the valley they would have to kill teh warden which would unlease the smake men on thier own city and navarine.

instead they go ot the pyramid which warn that is no challage hall and dosen't have to be fair it is just made to kill intruders.

After some attempt to bypass the passage of death that was the normal way in they face monsters and traps and a snake spitting sperpent golem before it to the final room whose gaurdain is angry with them for slaying a naga he knew.


GM: You're out in the open air, swinging your clubs around, and you got a birdie.

Kard: We are the sworn enemies of Egyptian architecture.

Korin: I punch a tree. I probably shatter it.
GM: Two gnolls fall out.

GM: Did he just chase him down so he could smell him? Outsiders are weird.

GM: Death is always right.
Tim: Never go against a sicilian when death is on the line.

The Spoils

Two bag of toothy fish

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravick 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 Need 1300 for level 2

Dravik 54505.0 1425.0 4650.0 60580 Need 10420 for level 10
fall of the sphinx +1200
climb the rope +90
tie off together +90
sniffing at peopple +45

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 48002.0 1425.0 4650.0 54077 Went from Level 8 to 9
Need 16923 for level 10
fall of the sphinx +1200
climbing outisde +90
trying to get group together +90
tryign to skip deathtrap +45

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 55791.0 1425.0 4650.0 61866 Need 9134 for level 10
fall of the sphinx +1200
What if it's a double bluff? +90
trying to find controls +45
is it a illusion? +45
jumping for a chance to be swallowed +45

Ogren 55002.0 1425.0 4650.0 61077 Need 9923 for level 10
fall of the sphinx +1200
when death is on the line +45
sticking to guy with feather fall spell +90
what accuretcy, they even knew about grumphy cat +90

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