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Destination Unknown

Escape the Valley of the Damned - 21


After alerting the pillar of watchfullness the group is joined by ezug who teleported to a location of his choice after spending two months in the ever changeing labyrith, his choice was his last party.

The party fought the giant snake of fire and it naga master to win the soulstone of the skinshifters snake tribe.

On their exit they dealt with the tricky snake people attempts to thwart the soul stone ability to command them, commanded the guardian to stand aside and returned to town at which point most of them received rewards from the new ambassador

The Spoils

50gp blue sapphire

Greater Truedeath Crystal
Clerics craft truedeath crystals to aid themselves and others in sending undead to their final rest. A weapon with this crystal attached deals an extra 1d6 points of damage to undead.
This weapon functions as a Ghost Touch weapon. It can also deliver sneak attacks and critical hits against undead as if they were living creatures.
Ring of the Master Summoner
This ring allows a caster to spontaneously use a spell of the same level to cast summon monster to summon creature and have it be able to act in the same round. It has three charges that refresh each day
1 cr summon monster spell 1st to 3rd
2 cr summon monster spell 4th to 6th
3 cr summon monster spell 7th to 9th
Belt of Dwarvenkind
This belt gives the wearer a +4 competence bonus on Charisma checks and Charisma-based skill checks as they relate to dealing with dwarves, a +2 competence bonus on similar checks when dealing with gnomes and halflings, and a 2 competence penalty on similar checks when dealing with anyone else. The wearer can understand, speak, and read Dwarven. If the wearer is not a dwarf, he gains 60-foot darkvision, dwarven stonecunning, a +2 enhancement bonus to Constitution, and a +2 resistance bonus on saves against poison, spells, and spell-like effects.
Belt of Triple Thunders
This belt allow those with a Ki pool to use their Ki points in other ways.
Ki Shout Double damage against objects and constructs for one attack
Ki Stomp Make a CMA to trip all target within 5 of player for every 10 jumped
Ki Stance- Defect a large object with deflect arrow

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravick 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 Need 1300 for level 2

Dravik 60580.0 120.0 3200.0 63900 Need 7100 for level 10
Reargaurd +60
The hand off +30
Holey snake drops +30

Ezug 6173.0 42120.0 3200.0 51493 Went from Level 4 to 9
Need 19507 for level 10
Big man on the little stairs +30
I think this works +42000
Master of the decietfull snakes +60
Deadly finger of flicking +30

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 54077.0 120.0 3200.0 57397 Need 13603 for level 10
feel for the earth +30
Mana a snako +90

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 61866.0 120.0 3200.0 65186 Need 5814 for level 10
Burning sensation +60
Oh shit i forgot +60

Ogren 61077.0 120.0 3200.0 64397 Need 6603 for level 10
let them see the light +30
takeing a hit for ezug +90

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