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Destination Unknown

The Drained from the drains - 23


Twice now bodies have carried out by flood waters from the storm drains below the city of Yammer, both bodies have have puncture wounds on their necks and were drained of blood. One body was unknown, the other was a sailor who had jumped ship.

A reward of 1,000gp has been posted in the adventures guild from the Chrysanthemum bank asking for this matter to be looked into.

The first body was found by Mortan and Skeen of Nightguard security on their nightly patrol, the second was found by a youth named Bonadventurer, who had taken up “mucking” looking for useful items washing out of the drains.


The group first tracked down Bonadventure, a earnest young man working at odd jobs, from his description of the body being creepy and cold to the touch Ogren determined the body might be soon rising as a undead.

At the guard house they found that the section of the storm drain in front of the gate that had been burst open had be reroofed and sectioned off as a morgue and that body had been bitten, had the bite cut open with a knife and the savaged. It was also found that the body was some sort of undead. The first body had been cremated on the same day it was found and Ogren cast a gentle repose on the corpse before the party escourted it out of town and burned in after a touching ceremony and a respectful application of a scorching ray spell.

Following up the storm drain they found track where the body had been dump that indicated that Mortan and skeen may have tossed it into the flowing waters just before the storm, but the group choose not to follow this up, but instead backtracked the track to a spot where a group of beastmen of a unknown race has dumped the body in a high and dry spot.

Following the beastmen track they came across a field of concealed bear traps and maged handed the board needed from the other side of the snap field.

Then then set a deranged old woman named Virgi running ahead of them and across a crude bridge since she believed them to be the “Dammed cultists” She cross back over the bridge and went on her way but when the party tried to cross they were attacked by two mud elementals.

They finally reach the end of the track setting off a alarm trap made up of a loud mobile, rushed two cultists with a ballista and flaming oil traps and after one of them who had been cut down suddenly rose up to stab dravic in the neck they realized they were fighting oppsum men called the still ones.

After spotting several holy symbol dedicated to orcus they pushed in further finding the place to a underground temple filled with still one cultists, undead, and prisoners before being attack by a now undead Rocher one eye a mercenary they had once captured for a bounty

Rocher and the still one had been working for someone they called the master and a man named Jack Blight, who may or may not be the master.

Freeing the prisoner they found a stairway that led to the menagerie dancing beast girl tavern and set the prisoner off under dravic guardianship to the coopery while the ogden and korin stood watch over a secret door they had been informed by a badly lyeing still one did not lead to the master

The Spoils

A silver statue of orcus with black diamond eyes 500gp
two golden candle stick holds worth 50gp
a cold iron sacrifiscial knife worht 70gp
+1 trooper armor,
+1 heavy steel shield with masterwork shield spikes,
masterwork battleaxe,
1 gp
private key to vault in chrysanthemum bank
locked iron coffer

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