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Destination Unknown

Hounds of darkness and light - 5


After being cleared out by the Professionals the dungeon named the Halls of the hounds was contracted to the Gleamers to document for the royal society and strip down for the marketplace.

A statue of a hound made of black marble sat on a plinth in a half domed alcove opposite another identical looking statue made of a white marble, when trying to move the statue they round the white hound would spin in place breathing out a freezing fog and opening a secret doorway leading down a a hall to a set of white doors, both the hall and door were decorated in white and blue stone with scenes of wintery pastoral landscapes with the depiction of a ice palace on the doors themselves.

The black hound when disturbed spun while shooting flames out of it rear end and open a door to a hall in black and red stone depicting a bleak volcanic landscape with a temple like building built into a volcano on the doors at the end.

As Farnsworth the head of Gleamers doesn’t think his scavengers are up to exploring the two side halls he has offered to allow other to explore them asking only a 10 percent return.


Side quests:

Ogren was headhunted by the party of five to be their new healer after they kick out their bard for pocketing treasure.

Kard overhead a group of near do wells plotting to sell newly arrived adventurers fake map then ambush them outside of town to sell them into slavery

Korin was tasked as ambassador pro tem to uncuff a group of convicts who agreed to be shipped off to a colony and marry a prostitute in return for being freed from a jail sentence

The hounds of light and darkness-

The group pass a set of fiery traps behind the now hauled off house of darkness, molested a group of mummyfied beast men until they awoke a fire dog elemental from it slumber in a firepit, dealt with skeletal hounds and faced off a corpse creature bone sculting jackle man. They then were able to retreive a gift from the chest of wonders.

They then endered the hall of the white hound passing ice pits to a room filled with plants and a assassin vine to a room in which one of player had to sit in chair to open a door to a room where they had to answer a series of riddle to cross the room and reach the treasure.


Mick: I bought a new chainsaw today.
Steve: Why?
Mick: To cut down trees.
Keith: I have multiples in my garage.
Tim: Seems like juggling is in our future.

GM: The pouch has several gold & silver coins and five mummified fingers of loquat races.

Dravik: Excuse me little girl, is this your money?
Girl: I'm not willing to do anything for you for that money.

Steve: I've known Tim so long, I remember when he drank Pepsi.

Joe: Steve is living the rap life-style with a fly girl.
Tim: That chick is whack!

Steve: I try to catch the gem as it falls into the pit of fire.
GM: Roll a 15 acrobatics check to make the jump.
Steve: I got a 1.
Tim: I put my cousin out.

Kard: You can't tell us you're the guardian of the Chest of Wonders and not expect a fight. I mean if it was a chest of crap, sure.

GM: You are stuck to the adherer.
Tim: Ever been waxed before Kitty?

Kard: Kard be nimble,
Kard be quick,
Kard uses third-person,
Cuz Kard's a dick.

Jackal Ghost: You must answer my riddles.
Steve: Remember, the first answer is always evasion.

Jackal Ghost: I have a tail, and I have a head, but i have no body. What am I?
Ogren: A coin

Jackal Ghost: Where may you find roads without carts, forests without trees, cities without houses?
Kard: A map.

Jackal Ghost: What crosses the river but doesn't move?
Ogren: A bridge

Jackal Ghost: What turns everything around but does not move?
Kard: Mirror

Jackal Ghost: A long snake with a stinging bite, I stay coiled up unless I must fight.
Dravik: Whip

Mick: Are they really Lion's colors?
Steve: They're blue and white with snowflakes, not Honolulu Blue and Silver.
GM: They're not snowflakes, they're shurikens!

The Spoils

Keith: Gloves with White Snowflakes (Gloves of Chill Touch 3/day at 1st level swift action)

Mick: White Wood wand covered with glaze to look like an icicle (Wand of Frosting Hands 12 charges: 3d6 cold damage in 30' save or staggered)

Tim: White gold ring with 5 sided white stone (Fire Resistance +10)

Lou: Polearm +1, can turn to a flute. (Spear or take exotic weapon proficiency

Black Pearl (500 gp) set in the case of a tarnished compass
Ivory bishop chess piece (50 gp)
Jasper (55 gp) belt buckle carved into grinning cats’ face
Jet silver ring (100 gp)
2 White velvet pouches 50 gold each

Keith & Steve get 240 gold, Tim and Mick get 290 gold.

Mick put down 700 on an Artificer's Monocle with Tourish the Artificier.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravik 3031.0 260.0 2050.0 5341 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 659 for level 4
Clearing halls of the hounds +200
Answering a riddle +20
chesire cat to young alice +40

Ezug 3053.0 0.0 0.0 3053 Need 247 for level 3

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 3053.0 280.0 2050.0 5383 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 617 for level 4
Clearing halls of the hounds +200
Answering a riddle +20
Takeing a seat +20
Use of resources +20
Plotting +20

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 3053.0 280.0 2050.0 5383 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 617 for level 4
Clearing halls of the hounds +200
Answering a riddle +20
Sorting things out at the docks +40
Useing downtime +20

Ogren 3053.0 340.0 2050.0 5443 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 557 for level 4
Interview with the headhunter +80
Braveign the misty vale of pits +20
Answering a riddle +40
Clearing halls of the hounds +200

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