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Destination Unknown

The Dancing Tomb - 6


The players receive a wooden crate with a jug of Old Fritz's Suckerpunch fortified wine within, secured both in a wire cage as well as packed in straw.
Beneath the jug is a letter saying that a voice sounded off from the arena near his home and the next day he discovered a slab of stone in front of the bench there, with words written in draconic on one side and common on the other.
He has sent a copy of the words to your group to do with as you will since you did him a favor, but he also warns you that their are other arenas of justice scattered across Incarna so other slabs may be found by other groups.

To this land that has been restored to it's proper time
Now that my fantastic challenge is back on line
for three days near the shattered peak
will stand my tomb so innocent and meek
Get there before it dances away
Face the challenges and earn your pay
For delvers who skills are sound
Stand to gain the shadows crown

-Stirvolge the mad duke


Short version:
A churl made a magic tomb as a dungeon that restocks itís monsters and treasure to ensure his name lives forever, it has reappeared for adventurers but a party of the Temire expeditionary force reached it first and some of them entered the tomb first, the other mistook the party for a group of drugar trap finders and let them pass them into the dungeon.

The party faced the greater and lesser challages of arms to gain tokens that can be used to buy treasure or passage into the hall of shadows, the real dungeon

Longer version:

The party finds out what the crown of shadow is:

The Crown of shadows, the Umbral cloak and the Eclipse blade were 3 item of power carried by the shadowlord, the leader of invasion of the kingdom of Xo in the age of legends.

The shadow lord and his dread fleet raided what is now the eastern coast of the Ki empire, burning the cities while the putting the people to the sword until a confrontation wit a coalition of neighboring kingdoms led by the prince of Xo, who then drove the shadow lord off after after disarming him in battle.

The sword eclipse in now path of the imperial regalia of the Ki empire.

A recent expedition to the hall of shadows, a dungeon created by the shadow lord family tells a different story. In the murals of the dungeon it shows the Xo as pirates who stole away the shadow lords bride and he led a alliance of fellow families to conduct a punitive raid on Xo, burning down the cities that had harbored the pirates, freeing their people held as slaves and killing the inhabitants of the cites for their crimes.

They also showed the coalition of kingdoms being united to force the prince of Xo into surrendering the shadow lord bride who he had taken as his personal slave, and the prince of Xo sneaking into the shadow lord tent just before his forces returned to incarna and stealing the sword.

In any case the crown is said to give itís wearer the power to animate his own shadow, command the undead, and wield cold magic, although these may have been symbolic of more subtle powers.

They find a means of traveling by the pylons with instructions from minister Levilís notebook and confront a group fo Temire expedition guards who mistake them for a group of drugar traps finders and allow them into the dungeon with out a fight.

Once inside they find evidence in the form a dead body that a Temire group is also in the dugeon and ender the hall of challages of arm, fighting a skeletal sorcery in the greater challage, and a set of 3 gargolyes in the shape of statues in the lesser one. They receive tokens for their efforts which can be used to buy magic items from the tomb, or passage into the hall of shadows itself

The Spoils

9 potions of cure light woulds
1,200 tokens
rusty dagger

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravik 5341.0 0.0 0.0 5341 Need 659 for level 4

Ezug 3053.0 130.0 1050.0 4233 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 1767 for level 4
Takeing hits from one to get to two +100
they mistook me for a drugar? +30

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 5383.0 100.0 1050.0 6533 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3467 for level 5
we get rope +30
pointing out 3 dwarces as non charismatic as shit +20
shopping +20
putting himself on a pedistal +30

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 5383.0 100.0 1050.0 6533 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3467 for level 5
yes but I'm a melee fighter +20
shout out gargules +10
Drugar? +20
remembering to use dog +30
takeing htis to get to boss +20

Ogren 5443.0 100.0 1050.0 6593 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3407 for level 5
bitches just can't resist +20
down one, heal for 20 +10
not bothering to use turn undead insteaf of hammer +10
trying to look shit up at dm request +20
treating gargoyles as statue until told otherwise +40

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