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Destination Unknown

And behind door number one - 7


Teh party rest for the night to recover from a few hard fights


The party faced off against some challenges and met the Temire Dominion Colonel, Karnac, a priest of Czernobog, and guild master of Navarist. Who tried to convince them to leave the dungeon so he could collect the crown of shadows without having to rush to beat them. The group collect enough tokens to pass the wall or shadows and find them self in a dark forest with a thunderstorm an wolf howls and a old ziggerot in the distance. Meanwhile they see on the other side of the door, Karnac sneaky guy was watching them to see when they passed the door of shadows and rushes out to where Karnacs soldiers waited outside.

The Spoils

Keith - Quick Runner's Shirt

Tim - Mithrl Chain Shirt

Mick- Scroll of Dispel Magic

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravik 5341.0 80.0 1360.0 6781 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3219 for level 5
Like a sack of kittens +10
solvieng quiz +20
makeing wood work +50

Ezug 4233.0 80.0 1360.0 5673 Need 327 for level 4
I lift heavy things +50
river dance +10
launching a dwarf +20

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 6533.0 80.0 1360.0 7973 Need 2027 for level 5
quizing +20
blanket party +50
goats would have been better +10

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 6533.0 80.0 1360.0 7973 Need 2027 for level 5
moving thing along +50
quiz +20
puching a wall +10

Ogren 6593.0 80.0 1360.0 8033 Need 1967 for level 5
taking a hit +10
quiz +20
makeing stuff +50

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