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Destination Unknown

Putting the band back together - 9


after a few weeks of down time, visiting family, shopping, and seeing some sight. The party reunites to seek out new missions, to explore dangerous tombs, and to loot when no one has gotten to first.

Amongst the gear left behind by Captain Karnac was a folder of notes about reports from scouts and spies working for him.

One of them remarks of a vale near a ruined estate in which stands a entrance to a underground structure shunned by the tribes of local beastmen who say that walking bones wander out from the entrance at times to ambush and drag back to their hole lone travelers.

From itís proximity to a estate itís most likely one of the Churls treasure runs.


the party research and found out the local tribe, beast men called the breakers, were in dire need of metal weapons, with 10 battle axes and 10 bec de corbid they encountered the breakers and bribed their way past him.

They learned from teh breakers that a group of termire soldiers had exited the dungeon and kill thier own men as part of some bargin with the deniens of hte dungeon and that in the past two groups of adventurers had entered the dungoen and "bonemen" had left it afterwards to ambush people and take thier corpses for replacement for destroyed bonemen.

The party desended and began to encounter skeleton armed with shoddily made javilins, often from the far side of a open gap about nasty looking water. they pused thier way up the middle of the dungeon fighting a magical suit of armor worn by a old corpse while being pelted with javilins from across the way from teh room they were in and puched on to find a metal covered skeleton with two ghoul hounds who informed them they need a red and blue gauntlet from the other two parts of the dungeon to open the treasure room, leaveing black bones for later they fought a four armed skeleton on one side after bypassing a trap with a mechanical spider, thier's not he dungeons, and a riddle room with traps that would have attacked them if they aswered wrong, the other side held a simular trap room, skeleton with a unknown type of special leader and a riddle room.

They returned to the black skelton room, defeated it and entered a room with a fist shaped chest and a hideing giangantic pus filled unded hand which they finished off to get the treasure.

The breakers, happy they cleared the dungeon instead of dieing and cuaseing the bone men to look for replacement skeletons held a feast and greatly improved their opinion of the invaders in Yammer


GM: Suddenly it looks like Tim had a good idea.

GM: It's one of those logic problems

GM: He shoved a skeleton so it didn't scream or anything.
Mick: I've never heard a skeleton scream.
GM: I'm sure it would be humerus.

GM: The skeletons miss, rolling a 1 and a 2.
Steve: They're Lawrence Welk skeletons.

GM: Not fleeing in fear, so you're shaken but not stirred.

The Spoils

Falconer gauntlet
glove of storeing
gauntlet of many augmentations
least crystals of augmentation ( names are probally not right, going on memory here)
undead babe
construct killing
make invisilbe glow for one round

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Dravick 0.0 0.0 0.0 0 Need 1300 for level 2

Dravik 8681.0 60.0 2850.0 11591 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 3409 for level 6
Kitty! +25
First in +20
No armor for me +15

Ezug 6173.0 0.0 0.0 6173 Need 3827 for level 5

Kard, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 9873.0 50.0 2850.0 12773 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 2227 for level 6
shareing the spotlight +10
goblin girl +15
arrow teeth +25

Korin, son of Earl Dolgrum of the Gyrestead 9873.0 50.0 2850.0 12773 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 2227 for level 6
better late then lou +10
swing batter batter +15
meat shield +25

Ogren 9933.0 50.0 2850.0 12833 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 2167 for level 6
never makeing easy and channeling energy +25
dart master +10
non pus shooting attack +15

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