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Guardians of Funanobe


The characters all come from in and around the town of Funanobe. It is the largest town (population 1,437) in the rural province of Kyongshang. It is the center of trade for the western half of the province and is conveniently located on the Gou River which empties into the Forbidden Sea.

The area around the town is mostly farming with rice and some orchards. There are a couple of other farms for livestock, mostly goats and chickens. Beef is nearly unheard of in the region and horses are very rare, owned only by the wealthy. The fiver provides ample fishing and they are close enough that fish from the Forbidden Sea can be deliered still fresh enough to eat.

The town is under the rule of an occupying army which has been there for about twenty years. The local garrison commander is Captain Zeng Ying. He has installed a local man, Shen Hong as the mayor of the town. Shen Hong just parrots the order given to him by the Captain.

The invaders are the Gengxin, a different ethnic group in the kingdom of Jin Te. They have subjugated the Wenduren with the tacit approval of the Emperor because they pay him a substantal tax to be ignored.

Beyond the town is the province Kyongshang, which is also ruled by the Gengxin in the person of General Xian Yun. There is no pretext of a provincial government and Xian Yun rules directly. His most trusted adviser is Lang Yi, who is also his concubine. General Yun rules from the eastern city of Xinwang where the people are much more repressed.

Things have been relatively stable in the province but recently the Gengxin have decided to seize the neighboring province of Xuegong. To raise money for their new army, they have decided to raise taxes on Kyongshang and now the suffering of the people is greater tahn in the past. Some have been left homeless and many are hungry.

It is a time for heroes.

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