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Guardians of Funanobe


Here's where you find out what's happened in previous adventures and what's still to come (in some cases).

Against the Oni
Captain Ning has sent a contingent of Oni to the Lao Orchard. (Updated: Thursday, 07/16/2020 23:29:00)

Paths of Darkness
Dark dreams plague Otaru and he feels they are sent by his old master. (Updated: Wednesday, 08/26/2020 23:10:00)

Darkness Rising
It appears that Lang Chang is waking more of the dead. (Updated: Tuesday, 02/23/2021 21:25:00)

Village of Klangoon
The party has tracked Lang Cheng to Klangoon which is a notorious as a place of lawlessness and villainy (Updated: Wednesday, 02/24/2021 23:11:00)

The Shrine
The Venerable wants to improve the Shrine to thank Otaru for his help. The work is not going well. (Updated: Thursday, 04/15/2021 15:30:00)

The Trial of Kang Bai
Things in Klangoon are rarely as they seem. (Updated: Monday, 06/07/2021 20:44:00)

The Forest Awakens
There have been many stories of angry forest spirits, but this time, the hereos are uninvolved. (Updated: Thursday, 07/08/2021 11:30:00)

The Vault of Wen
They've found a burial ground, but is it the Vault of Wen? (Updated: Thursday, 07/08/2021 11:40:00)
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