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Guardians of Funanobe


A brief description of noteworthy people, places, and things.

Landmarks and Important Places

Forbidden Sea
The Forbidden Sea is an inland sea. It is called forbidden because the emperor forbids any warships on the sea other than his own. Provinces have small fishing boats, but anything with a crew of more than ten is forbidden.

Funanobe (Foon u no bee) is a town of just under 1500 people located on the banks of the Gou River. It is surrounded by farmlands and orchards.
It has been under the rule of the Gengxin for nearly twenty years.

Gou River
The Gou is a broad river with a slow moving current and a deep channel making it navigable for most of its length. It flows from the mountains in the northeast of Kyongshang Province down to the Forbidden Sea.

Kyongshang Province
Kyongshang Province is historically the home of the Wenduren people. It is fertile and was once rich but it has been subjugated for a long time.

Xinwang is the largest city in Kyongshang. It is ruled by General Yun and serves as the base of his military operations.

Xuegong Province
Xuegong is north of Kyongshang. It is the latest target of expansion by the Gengxin.

Foes, Enemies and Rivals

Captain Zeng Ying
The Captain rules over Fuananobe with an iron fist. He is a soldier first, and a tyrant second.

General Xian Yun
The General rules over Kyongshang Province province with an iron fist. His forces consist of armies of men and Oni. He is not afraid to put down rebellions with extreme force. He is ruthless and somewhat shallow. He is a better soldier than a thinker.

Lang Yi
Lang Yi is the first concubine of General Yun and his chief adviser. She is a trained courtesan and a good negotiator. Some secretly call her The Governess and there are rumors that she uses Yun as a figurehead for her evil.

Sgt Xi
Sgt Xi is the leader of the Oni. He is a human. He is Captain Ning's favorite, although no one is really sure why. He is not particularly competent, but he is extremely tough.


Kong Lao
Owner of the largest apple orchard in the region. He is an outspoken critic of the mayor. Many call him the venerable one. He has twelve children, seven of whom are sons.

Mayor Shen Hong
The mayor is a very fearful and timid man. He mostly parrots what Captain Ying tells him to say. He has long since stopped serving the people and is now nearly as corrupt as the Gengxin. Most townsfolk consider him a traitor but they fear him.

Races and Peoples

These are the invading ethnic group; most enemy soldiers and all their leaders are from this group. They are a warlike people who have control of Kyongshang Province and now seek to further their domination.

These are the native people of Kyongshang Province. They are a studious and hard-working people, but they are not very war-like.
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