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Guardians of Funanobe

Against the Oni - 1


At the Fortress
Ning: Get there and get me all the apples.
Sgt Xi: Yes General, but may I ask why?
Ning: I love apples and I hate Lao.

Lao's Orchard
Lao: Sgt Xi, it is so good to see you. To what do I honor of this visit?


Rumors had it that Captain Ying had twice sent troops to take apples from Venerable Lao and was massing a third trip to take ALL the apples. Lao's apples formed a significant portion of the food in the area. A handful of people independently decided to take steps to prevent them.

The entertainer Huli Wu was near the wagons playing and he played a bawdy song which attracted the attention of the soldiers. While they were so distracted, Lhao sabotaged one of the four wagons. Otaru warned Baka, one of the Oni he knew, that the spirits were angry and he gave him a talisman with which to protect himself.

The four headed out to the road and found a spot where the road was rough and Otaru made it worse. The first two wagons made it through, but the third lost a wheel. The fourth wagon was too far behind to see the Oni in the third wagon being attacked.

When they did arrive, they were scared off by Choujin, a spirit and one was killed by Kai Chen. The rest were put to sleep, tied up and ditched in the woods.

Eventually the first two wagons noted the third wagon had fallen behind. Two of them came back on foot to see what was happening; one of them was Baka. One of them ran back to report the third wagon had lost a wheel. Baka continued forward brandishing his protective scroll which burst into flames.

Sgt Xin and the other Oni came and Otaru warned them of the angry spirits who were attacking. Some magic and the fact that all the Oni from the last two wagons were missing with no sign of violence, mad Otaru's story of angry spirits believable. They ran back to town, leaving behind their wagons.

The wagons were pushed to the side of the road and the oxen were set free. The Oni were untied and released.

As they wondered what to do next, Shin Wu, venerable Lao's right-hand man arrived. He surveyed the situation and invited them to come visit Lao. There was a dinner and they spent the night in his home.

Afterward, they made plans to visit the estate of Lhao Wey's family. Captain Yun lived there now and they were hoping to find plans for his next steps in order to thwart them.


Otaru: Animals don't like me.
Kai: I don't like you either.

Otaru: His writing is odd because he had arthritis.
Huli: Rigor mortis even.

Otaru: We could just kill them
Lhao: I'm good with that.

Otaru: I'll go to Lao's. I heard there's free food.

The Spoils

Apple Blossom token from Kong Lao.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Huli Wu 0.0 50.0 250.0 300 Need 1000 for level 2
Bardic Abilities +25
Good Cantrips +25

Kai Chen 0.0 50.0 250.0 300 Need 1000 for level 2
Alignment concerns +25
I'm just a monk +25

Lhao Wey 0.0 50.0 250.0 300 Need 1000 for level 2
I'm good with that. +25
Sabotage +25

Otaru Ichiban 0.0 50.0 250.0 300 Need 1000 for level 2
Seeding fear +25
Angry Sprits +25

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