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Guardians of Funanobe

Darkness Rising - 4


On the Paths
Rise now, go forth and destroy the village of Funanobe!

At the Once Home of the Wey family
The dead?! How can the dead walk?
There is a necromancer and the forest is angry. The two may work together.


The group was summoned to meet with Captain Ying. His patrols had seen an army of the dead. He was seeking the party's help to fight them before they reached town. As the group wondered why his Oni wouldn't be enough, one of the Oni entered the room and announced, "They're coming out of the water!"

The group went with Sergeant Xi and several of the Oni to meet them. There were about a half-dozen of them who had left the water and were moving through town. Most of the townspeople were holed up in their homes as the fight began. The group was joined by Apto and Qino a pair of bouncers from the Drunken Monkey Alehouse. The group made short work of the skeletons they were facing.

As the battle ended, Huli Wu spotted more of the skeletons moving towards them, these appeared to be on fire. Khai Chen noticed a figure skulking behind them. At her direction two of them moved towards houses, one of which immediately caught fire. The other one got close the townhouse of Lao when Chai Sheq appeared on the balcony and drove them away. The skulking figure shook her wand at him and he screamed before falling.

The group closed with the skeletons and discovered they exploded when killed. They braved the fire to finish them off and then spotted the necromancer skulking near Lao's house. She was quickly overpowered and captured.

Otaru questioned her while the others licked their wounds and collected the skeletons for a pyre. Otaru left his mostly fruitless investigation to inspect the dead. He identified some of their insignia as being from house Yanto, a house about 200 miles north of Funanobe. Some of their men had been mercenaries for a time.

When they returned, the witch was gone along with her bone. They considered following her but none was a skilled tracker. An ogre skeleton appeared and nearly killed Kai Chen before they were able to destroy it.

They visited Lao's house where they helped Chai Sheq and then they were summoned to see Ying and report. As they explained what happened and gave him the papers he and his concubine had a discussions about the true identity of the woman and mentioned May Ying.

May Ying was the Captain's sister who disappeared under unusual circumstances.

In the morning, they are joined by Apto and his friend Fajo joined them. Fajo was able to track her and they found her trail along the stream and then onto the road. They followed for most of the day until they spotted a skeleton ahead of them waiting. They defeated the skeletons, but in the confusion Fajo disappeared.

Part II
The group went on the offenseive, tracking her. They were joined by Fajo, a tracker, and Apto a bouncer. They were hot on her trail until she seemed to mount a skeletal horse. They kept up with her, but were attacked when they came to the remains of her camp.

They followed further and found an old tomb with a pile of bodies out front. Part of the pile animated to attack them. They believed she was inside and investigated. They had to fight through some undead, but eventually found a secret door she may have used to escape.

They followed her to a small village where she had told the villagers there were evil men pursuing her. Luckily, Otaru showed the writ they had been given and the villagers respected it. They told them she had gone on to Klangoon, a large and lawless village even further north. They set off on the trail to Klangoon, hoping to capture or kill her.


Otaru: We need your wood.

Otaru: I'm looking for Earth and Air since we've already seen Fire and Water.

The Spoils

Tim: +1 weapon changes to any blunt wooden weapon he's proficient with.

Joe: Staff of the Bone Cobra. Can use for 1 turn total per day. It has DR 5/Bludgeoning, AC 16, D/A 1d6 To hit +2 and Ini + 6

Joe: 2 Hair Sticks of +1 Charisma each

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Huli Wu 1350.0 400.0 1000.0 2750 Need 550 for level 3
Roleplaying +150
Protecting the Village +250

Kai Chen 1350.0 400.0 1000.0 2750 Need 550 for level 3
Roleplaying +150
Protecting the Village +250

Lhao Wey 950.0 400.0 1000.0 2350 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 950 for level 3
Roleplaying +150
Protecting the Village +250

Otaru Ichiban 1350.0 400.0 1000.0 2750 Need 550 for level 3
Roleplaying +150
Protecting the Village +250

Part 2

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Huli Wu 2750 350.0 700.0 3800 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 2200 for level 4
Roleplaying +200
Putting the dead to rest +150

Kai Chen 2750 350.0 700.0 3800 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 2200 for level 4
Roleplaying +200
Putting the dead to rest +150

Lhao Wey 2350 350.0 700.0 3400 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 2600 for level 4
Roleplaying +200
Putting the dead to rest +150

Otaru Ichiban 2750 500.0 700.0 3950 Went from Level 2 to 3
Need 2050 for level 4
RRoleplaying +200
Putting the dead to rest +300

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