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Guardians of Funanobe

The Shrine - 6


At the Estate of the Venerable
The Venerable: What do you mean they are missing?
Shin Wu: Just that. We came to check their progress and they were gone. Theur tools were still there.
The Venerable: Do not tell the Guardians, we will take this up with Captain Ying Ourselves.
Shin Wu: As you wish

At the Drunken Monkey
Apto: My cousin is missing and no one is doing anything about it!


The group learned from Apto that his cousin Koshin the carpenter had disappeared from the Shrine of the Diaphenous Dead where they were doing some work for the Venerable. They spoke briefly with Koshin's wife and learned he had no serious enemies.

They also spoke with Hu Yazhu, the Venerable's agent in town. She was aware of the issue and had sent to the Venerable for help which she believed was on it's way.

Unwilling to wait, the group headed to the Shrine while Otaru briefly questioned Baku to learn what the guards might now, which turned out to be next to nothing. He did say the Captain was angry about the efforts at the Shrine, but that was it.

They arrived at the shrine and saw there had been a fight. A bit of investigation led to a trail with several average oni and something bigger. Mixed was the smell of some humans. They followed the trail, stopping only when they were exhausted. During the night Lhao Whey heard something but it did not approach their camp. In the morning Huli Wu smelled tiger spoor.

They continued on the trail and came to a decrepit manor house which showed some signs of being recently repaired. There were a half-cozen Oni camped in what remained of the garden. They snuck to the back of the manor and entered through a window. They were surprised to see the people they were coming to rescue dining with a large oni.

They decided to come back to the front and present themselves. Things went surprisingly well. They were shown into the house and invited to dinner by the large oni who gave his name as Sho Subai. They rested and were surprised to find the hostages in good spirits.

Subai explained that he was hoping the Captain would send Tanith Po to rescue the hostages. In exchange for building up the size of the threat, he let them go and take the hostages with them.

They returned where Huli Wu went to see the Captain and explained a large force was in an abandoned manor and that the Champions had felt over-matched. The Captain seemed happy with the news and sent Huli Wu off.

The group went to see Apto and celebrate their victory. They were asked to go to the venerable's house. He entrtusted them with Liuxzin and asked them to take him to Kai Bang in Klangoon. They set off the next day and made it to the gates of Klangoon with minimal trouble.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Huli Wu 5750.0 200.0 500.0 6450 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3550 for level 5
Roleplaying +200

Kai Chen 5750.0 200.0 500.0 6450 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3550 for level 5
Roleplaying +200

Lhao Wey 5350.0 200.0 500.0 6050 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3950 for level 5
Roleplaying +200

Otaru Ichiban 6150.0 200.0 500.0 6850 Need 3150 for level 5
Roleplaying +200

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