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Isle of Mysteries

Bug hunt

The Hook

It's time sensitive


Lara, a woman raised in retribution, a town founded by the pirate jarkins, was sold by the blue dragon Mercer who has taken over the town after jarkins death, to a nest of formorians who wanted more slaves with nice usefull fingers.

Lara was able to tell the parter the formorians had slaves of several races and a variaty of giant insects under thier control


The party track down the lair of the ant men, encountering a giant walking stick insect along the way that projectile vomits on them

The formorian was human slaves to make clay pots with thier soft smooth hands and have a dozen of so prisoners.

The players taunt a worker who uses his hive mind to warn the rest while he humors randy's efforts to insult a bug guy.

3 of the warrior formians attack along with a giant stag beetle with two worker in a howdah.

on being attack the warriors reveal that the colored patterns on thier shell give them a one time use of a arcane spell.

As the formians are defeated a horde of self animated undead orc are released while a warrior with invisibility, enlarge, and heroism sneaks around to takalis, randy is charmed ot try to convince the party to leave, and scales is confused to little effect until the mass of the zomebies fall and he fixates on takalis for his next target.

Before he can reach him, takalis runs away and scale is overwhemed by confusion while garanth talkt to him until scales is once again seized by the spell and chomps a good hit on garanth before the spell end.

low on spell and bombs, the still charmed randy convinces the party to leave for the moment.

Two day later some of the prisoner show up at the casino and light a signal fire, haveing been freed by taskmaster zern when the funding for his project was pulled on the urgeing of his rivals and the pottery was abandoned.

they learn their are 3 queen in the hive, the yellow which collect resources in teh rain forest, the red which gaurds their nest from teh ever expanding orcs, and a blue that is doing something to the south east unknown to them.


Ian: Well I promised to do this, but there's a lot of hills and my ankle is kind of sore.
Tim: I think he just saw something shiny.

Garath: Hey Tikalis, watch your bird, these bugs are crazy.
GM: Your bird is huddled up in a ball near your neck.
Steve: It's not a tumah.

Tikalis: Javelins are poisoned.
Scales: Don't lick them.

GM: Randy dives under the giant beetles feet and the beast leaps over the mad bomber instinctively. He's flying through the air at you.
Steve: Batter Up!

Steve: What's this guy's name?
GM: Guard #3.
Steve: Awesome! He's a nameless mook. I grab his stinger before he can penetrate me. "Sorry, I'm not that guy!"

Randy: Everybody run, there's a bunch more coming.
GM: Roll a bluff check.
Steve: 2
GM: No one believes Randy, but he does run away.

GM: You need a tagline to avoid the stinger.
Jim: Back, vile beast!
Steve: I'm carrying protection.
TIm: None shall pass!

GM: Tikalis still sounds like the name of a hair treatment.
Tim: I just googled wizard names and that one came up.

The Spoils

3 potions of enlarge person the warriors never go to use.

17 stinger javalins that may be filled with poisen in thier hollow cores

5 oils of grease which the warriors never got around to useing

New arrivals

Lord leonard Dushay. A older arrogant merchant whose ransom was never paid

Fulcrum, a monk

Shurt, a albino teen, whose is currently badly sunburned

Reba Glimmergold, a elderly gnome jewlist awaiting her ransom

Grib, a elderly marine who surrendered and decided to retire in teh pirate town since it seems like a better place to retire then anythign else availible to him

Briggs, a sailor turned farmer and angry at everyone, want to kill Cerrellian the dragon

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alek 5000.0 10000.0 0.0 15000 Went from Level 3 to 5
Need 8000 for level 6
B=team bonus to reach level 5

Clarence 10664.0 4336.0 0.0 15000 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 8000 for level 6
B=team bonus to reach level 5

Garath 19515.0 125.0 2515.0 22155 Need 845 for level 6
Run away! +50
Trying to shield wizard +50
rapier, never mind. Shoot 'em in the head +25

Glorandal Grevalur 21140.0 125.0 2515.0 23780 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 11220 for level 7
Ploting to help new friends +75
takeing a dive +25
grabbing another males pokey bit +25

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 22090.0 0.0 0.0 22090 Need 910 for level 6

Scales 8859.0 125.0 2515.0 11499 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 3501 for level 5
He was comeing right at me +50
Zombie mash pit +50
braveing the river crossing first +25

Takalis 11454.0 200.0 2515.0 14169 Need 831 for level 5
Run away! +50
Shoveing match with a enlarged formorian +25
One again being bait by staying back as a ungaurded target +25
Questioning a dubius gm call that was in his favor +100

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