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Isle of Mysteries

The bitch, the bitch, the bitch in back

The Hook

Fuck the charm spells, I'm going for blood


The party headed into room with hangman tree, and allowed it the chacne to pollinate them into not seeing it a s threat while two ogre skeletons served as distractions as it attacked
The succubus Elantra targeted takalis, convincing him to defend her by lightning bolting the hangman tree, along with 3 characters standing between him and the tree
The sucubus revealed herself as takalis levitated himself out a fight with Alix, and was trriven off aftet the tree was killed.
Pusing on they barricaded a door into a void to skip the defender of the next door and found Amadaus Mako privetter chamber, discovering the th casino owner and the vault staff leapped into a stary void to end up someone else randomly in the universe rather then race the Deamons and took most the vaults treasure with them

The party then met the DRagon Deafra who provided them with hydra group uniforms and a plan to raide the tomb of Scroren, the orc general who reaped the city of sirap and was entombed in teh temple of heavan, while the Urgaqun orc perfrom a ceromony deep under ground to drive away the solstice sun.


Randy: I wedge coins under the door so it can't swing shut. Copper.
Scales: Good, because if they were gold, I was going to take them.

GM: You have to attack him, but you can use non-lethal force.
Steve: C'mon Tim, hold person! (As if Tim would ever memorize that).
GM: Spell-turning is a thing.

Evil Succubus: I've been trapped in this hole for 2000 years, I'm taking one of you to hell with me!
Steve: Clarence! Clarence! Clarence!

GM: You don't have to announce the whole number for initiative.

Scales: I was going to take a nap in that big bed.
Alic: And then the succubus will come and snuggle.

GM: She looks you in the eyes and closes hers. You can see "Help Us" written on her eyelids.
Alic: My stony demeanor gives away nothing.

The Spoils

Alic: Mask of Stony Demeanor, Cape of Slashing, Robe of Infinite Twine, Verdant Vine Bracelet

Clarence: Inquisitor's Monocle, Lesser Choatic Book of Extended Summoning

Garrath: Endless Bandolier

Ian: Vest of Escape, Tent, Book of Infinite Stories

Randy: Deathwatch Eyes

Scales: Cap of the Free Thinker, Boots of Nightmare (smoke and concealment)

Takalis: Boots of Enduring March, Tunic of Careful Casting, Robe of Blending, Goggles of the Arachnid

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alek 22457.0 1185.0 1421.0 25063 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 9937 for level 7
Completed adventure +1000
Tell takalis to drop +25
Trying to feel up invsible sucubus +50
Being the cape guy +10
Talking to dragon +25
Interogateing women +50
stoned faced +25

Clarence 21237.0 1100.0 0.0 22337 Need 663 for level 6
Completed adventure +1000
lightsabre noises +25
Trying to drive touch attack through armor +50
Live action melee attacks +25

Garath 30392.0 1150.0 1421.0 32963 Need 2037 for level 7
Completed adventure +1000
Sunglasses in the underdark +50
Hey guys Ima just gonna hang back +100

Glorandal Grevalur 32072.0 1100.0 1421.0 34593 Need 407 for level 7
Completed adventure +1000
standing guard +50
orginal plan before dragon +50

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 26517.0 1075.0 1421.0 29013 Need 5987 for level 7
Completed adventure +1000
working on figureing out trap +50
trying to swing on tentacles +25

Scales 20476.0 1100.0 1421.0 22997 Need 3 for level 6
Completed adventure +1000
stealing painting +50
remembering magic item +25
pokeing around while rouge and mage do stuff +25

Takalis 20726.0 1150.0 1421.0 23297 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 11703 for level 7
Completed adventure +1000
takeign the hit from subcubus +50
barricadeing door into darkness +100

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