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Isle of Mysteries

Tomb raiders


There are stranger on the isle, should not someone stand guard?
What use traps on a tomb if we need to guard it? And we have other defenders.


The party, in disguise, made their way to the largely intact ruins of Sirap. then met with Arlington, a horc castaway who betrayed his human shipmates for safety from teh Tormal orc and orc maiden brides. ( a witness ) passing crippled slaves, ( witnesses ) and sacrifices by way of exposure. They came under attack by hairless wolves used by the orc as mounts and set loose to chase runaway slaves. A grey render who had befriended the wolves attacked and ultimately was downed.
On top of the defaced temple of Havani they mounted a flag of the hydra group, and descended a light well to the main chapel of the temple, now the tomb of solerk.
On has way down Randy was attacked by a set of giant crawling claws, Ian rapled down partway then fell the last 50, while Garant jackie chan jumped down the shaft. only for both to get tripped by one of the hand clenched onto a pillar while the other raced around to trip them with the chain connecting it to the other.
Takalis feather falle down, while scales began to climb.
Alek stood guard on top of a step pyramid in his yellow hydra group coat, sword in hand and a noble wolf standing beside him as the hydra group flag fluttered behind him.
The hands whiched spooged evil goo when struck and was finished off with blades, lefty, and the spear of dusk, which randy recovered from it's mount.
Ian circled a pit to read teh spear of dawn, and was clenched in the jaws of huge tunnel worm, which clarence in the form of a wolf leaped on, the others attacked and randy set on fire, with clarence still on it and ian in it's jaws.
The worm tossed ian at randy, who twisted himself into catching the alchemist and setting them into a tumble so neighter was hurt, while the others finished it off.
The two spear proved to be the keys to a vault containeding Sorerk, his wives, servent, and personal shaman who had been alive when entombed.
The corpses has been dusted with tiny spores of a vrock, so when a enchanted sword, part of the seven regalia of the last king, was yanked free ti causea a earth quake that closed off the two exits, now the party must leave by way of the tunnel wyrms tunnel


GM: It's a building that looks like a modern tavern and has a sign with a red dog on it.
Keith: It's the Clifford Inn.

Scales: I smile.
Steve: That's a lot of teeth.

GM: It's completely hairless on this side.
Tim: This is the side that was caught in the trap.

GM: You can see a sign that says "Grave Render Enhanced".
Takalis: Graver Render, Enhanced.
GM : That's what the ladies say.

Alic: I'm no longer nerfed! I can do damage.
Scales: Go captain, go captain.

Mick : I'm not going to run in while they're making ranged attacks.
GM: Did you add to your wisdom at level 4?
Steve: I was just going to ask what he did with the real Mick.

Siri: I thought you'd want to mock him.
Alic: Why?
Siri: He's kind of full of himself.
Alic: Who? The dog?
Siri: Just shoot your bow sweetie.

Randy: It's not a monkey, it's a tumor.
GM: Yeah, but the castanets confuse them.
Randy: That's because they're knee caps.

GM: You land in a 3-point crotch (he meant crouch).

Ian: Will it turn into a rapier?
GM: No, it's too old. They didn't have rapiers then because they were heterosexuals.

The Spoils

spear of dust. +1 undead bane spear
Spear of dawn +1 flameing spear
Regalia of the seven kings

Shriek the Blade of angry thunder.

+1 luck blade. Constantly emit low hum, shrieks when used in combat, many shaped blade, dagger, short, long, bastard sword sonic damage

Raise points on either side of the middle of hilt balances on and spins to point toward nearest other piece of regalia

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alek 25063.0 1080.0 3542.0 29685 Need 5315 for level 7
Succesful raid. Witnesses, flag, dispoiled tomb +900
I'm not useless anymore +60
leap of faith +60
burlap and fancy coat combo +30
remebering he has a usefull magic item +30

Clarence 22337.0 1050.0 3542.0 26929 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 8071 for level 7
Succesful raid. Witnesses, flag, dispoiled tomb +900
Trying to be the alpha wolf +60
clinging to loose skin of worm +30
betraying the childlike monsters trust +60

Garath 32963.0 1020.0 3542.0 37525 Went from Level 6 to 7
Need 13475 for level 8
Succesful raid. Witnesses, flag, dispoiled tomb +900
close up shooting of gooey monster +30
jacky channing down the shaft +60
clifford inn +30

Glorandal Grevalur 34593.0 1050.0 3542.0 39185 Went from Level 6 to 7
Need 11815 for level 8
Succesful raid. Witnesses, flag, dispoiled tomb +900
alek's luck arrow +30
two notes I can't read +60
succesfuly beats other player's initiative +30
boldly ianing down the shaft +30

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 29013.0 1050.0 3542.0 33605 Need 1395 for level 7
Succesful raid. Witnesses, flag, dispoiled tomb +900
croach slide +30
I'm not going to run into the ranged attacks +60
Leaving evidence +60

Scales 22997.0 1020.0 3542.0 27559 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 7441 for level 7
Succesful raid. Witnesses, flag, dispoiled tomb +900
remebering to flame weapon +30
wating for wolves +30
trying to catch falling players +60

Takalis 23297.0 2290.0 2342.0 27929 Need 7071 for level 7
Succesful raid. Witnesses, flag, dispoiled tomb +900
solo fight zombie wolves outside temple +1300
f-- it, i gotta leave at 10, lighting bolt +60
lureing out lurking monster by seperating from gorup +30

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