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Isle of Mysteries

Dead man's tomb


We just need to help this guy get his heath in the right place.


The evil spirit that tried to possess Captain Alex was cast out in the form of a heart made of ice. Playing it in the corpse of the spirit will let it melt away.


The character got a crude ram made from a sapling, broke the outer sealed wall, scattered the bones, then breach the next one.
They crawled under life senceing trap tigger, scaled pass a desending pillar.
Another wall had a riddle with no answer, and a wall with gelentionus spheres behind it. Plus two corpse cretures who where freed from thier bone eggs when the wall fell.
They fought a bone construe which swallowed two party member whole, only to dromp them out hte back of thier bodies.
Finnaly they laid the heart to rest and melted it with magic fire to lay ice wolf to rest.

The Spoils

Talking head which was laid to rest.
Treasure till in coffin.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alek 33637.0 0.0 0.0 33637 Need 1363 for level 7

Clarence 26929.0 3330.0 3735.0 33994 Need 1006 for level 7
heart warming ending +3200
felling a little pooped out +50
braided hair +20
angry druid in wall +60

Garath 41407.0 1290.0 3735.0 46432 Need 4568 for level 8
heart warming ending +1200
gunfight at knife range +50
buddy blaster +40

Glorandal Grevalur 43067.0 1390.0 3735.0 48192 Need 2808 for level 8
heart warming ending +1200
grappled +50
Im dead, but wait... +40
I don't think there is a answer +50
don't read it! +50

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 37487.0 1275.0 3735.0 42497 Need 8503 for level 8
heart warming ending +1200
udead leaper +25
repeating what I just said but in character +50

Scales 31441.0 1280.0 3735.0 36456 Went from Level 6 to 7
Need 14544 for level 8
heart warming ending +1200
getting a lot of head +30
don't we have a specific magic item for this +50

Takalis 31811.0 0.0 0.0 31811 Need 3189 for level 7

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