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Isle of Mysteries

High adventrue in Butcher's bay

The Hook

Which way do they go?


A old hermit that walked on water's hut is now a giant wasp's nest, dare you kill giant bugs?

One of the ships of the sea people's magical propulsion system is still pushing a wreaked ship onto a hammock, what mysteries does it hold.

Some one started a campfire in the shark ridge casino, but dosed it near dawn to hide the smoke, who is it?

The sleeping pristess Amathea reveals a hidden shelter called the gorgon's hole where select people were to flee if the Daemon found the isle of Lantis, do the weapons and supplies hidden there still exist?


The players settle into the villiage of Fellport, but some speckeled feaver set in and Amathea is able to send the players off to a old shrine in which a apple tree whose fruit can cure disease grows

A Slartag, a giant goblin along with his bugbear bodyguard was already at the tree looting the fruit with a goblin that had escaped from teh party at the temple of the broken winds as a slave.

The party killed them all, and found that the creatures were in service to the Deamon Kyvern teh tyrant, as well as a magic weapon and potions made by those in his service

Then Ian antagonized the goblin until it tried to pee on him, then caught up to it in the tree and kill it, possible earning a curse from teh spirit of the tree.

They recovered the fruit, pass it around and all were cured.

Next, the grounp took out the giant wasps, and found a journey in which a h orc named crenshaw was working the koberog orcs

They then recovered the old hermit's boat and beast some muck men who had taken it to use as bait

part two
vistied teh stone ship which still has a working magical engine, discovered magical peach tree with head sized fruit that act as good berres, kill some undead including a skeletal troll and a mechnical goose

visited flooded gorgon's hole, fought a plant a slime and some mexican folklore before fleeing to heal


Scales: Which ones do we want to fight first?
Randy: Goblins are easy to kill
Scales: Sounds good. I sneak up on them.

GM: You could run to the end of the boat, leap onto the rope and throw the club as you swing back.
Randy: I'm not that guy.

GM: You could dive off the boat and spin in the air to throw the club.
Randy: Still not that guy.

Ian: Can I leap through the window and flank one of them?
GM: You could just go through the door.
Steve: No he can't, he IS that guy.

ian - do you have a cure spell?
Clarance - yeah, for me.

Part 2 Quotes
GM: Randy starts moving towards the snake.
Garath: I grab him.
Randy (pointing): Flock of turtles!
GM: Garath fails both a bluff check and a perception check; you don't see the turtles
Randy (breaking free): I'm coming Roger! (apparently naming the snake).

GM: You burn a bush.
Players: Just so it doesnt' speak.

Randy: Jolt the chain, jolt the chain!

Randy: I study the erotic figures.
GM: They're just bas reliefs, it would be hard to etch them.
Randy: Don't worry, they're etched into my brain.

The Spoils

Ian: Dark Purple Boots of Mire Walking, Potion of Reduce Person, Potion of CLW

Scales: Glaive +1, Human Bane d10 damage, Potion of CLW

Alek: Potion of Shield of Faith

Journal with only half the pages used
chain shirt
captains jig
fishing gear
mw ghost beast hide cloak

Magic fruit good for one day after being plucked
gloves of endless javilins
several peach pits which will grow a tree taht serves as componets for healing based magic items

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alek 5000.0 0.0 0.0 5000 Need 4000 for level 4

Clarence 6604.0 195.0 2040.0 8839 Need 161 for level 4
Das boot +50
Wasp raider +50
Apple quest +50
Kill them with water +30
I need a medic +15

Garath 8030.0 5.0 0.0 8035 Need 965 for level 4

Glorandal Grevalur 7455.0 195.0 2040.0 9690 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5310 for level 5
Das boot +50
Wasp raider +50
Apple quest +50
burn them on the inside +30
three men in a boat +15

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 8340.0 195.0 2040.0 10575 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 4425 for level 5
Das boot +50
Wasp raider +50
Apple quest +50
rope guy +15
adventure nugget +30

Scales 6624.0 195.0 2040.0 8859 Need 141 for level 4
Das boot +50
Wasp raider +50
Apple quest +50
going for dat booty +15
just for the taste of it +15
so what if it's evil, it's mine now +15

Takalis 7449.0 195.0 2040.0 9684 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5316 for level 5
Das boot +50
Wasp raider +50
apple quest +50
mastering the art of being bait +30
kick them when they're down +15

Part 2

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alek 5000 0.0 0.0 5000 Need 4000 for level 4

Clarence 8839 105.0 1720.0 10664 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 4336 for level 5
trying to shove his ball down teh troll's hole +25
bird on bird action, nature vs machine +25
attacking a plant with water, the most druid thing ever +50
giggling at a cat he claim to own (never seen it) +5

Garath 8035 50.0 1720.0 9805 Went from Level 3 to 4
Need 5195 for level 5
he's my supplyer +25
opposed grapple? I have a gun +25

Glorandal Grevalur 9690 55.0 1720.0 11465 Need 3535 for level 5
over the rails +25
captain morgan +5
action point use +25

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 10575 50.0 1720.0 12345 Need 2655 for level 5
vine use +25
serpentis vindictis +25

Scales 8859 0.0 0.0 8859 Need 141 for level 4

Takalis 9684 50.0 1720.0 11454 Need 3546 for level 5
a moment of christanity, the burning bush +25
deep fried chupacobra +25

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