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Isle of Mysteries

Return to the hole

The Hook

Meat comes, they face shadows, then we feast!


The party returns to the mysterious Gorgon's hole after being bled.


The party retreated to heal up and only randy, ian, and garath returned, passing the pits and explored a bit. Then fought a group of shadowy people with ice cold hand before finding a preserved corpse force to live on teh edge o death on a alter to Red.
After removeing the corpse to cleanse the alter, they contineue to another watery pit. As Ian swam across the deamon possesing him fake being pulled under then lunged up to stab garath as he tried to help ian out or the pit, then took a potion shaped club to the head as he managed to drive the deamon of his body.
The continued to a underground grotto where garant became well hung, and continue around the remains of a great fight, finding the gorgon was a trapped statue which had long since been destroy after turning many foot soldiers into statues, from which a gargoyle had emerged from teh pertrified body parts.

the cross a trapped bridge where garath nearly feel into a lake filled with one eye hypno fish, then faced a group of cacodeamons in a brief fighte before freeing the pile of bodies with soul trapped within them kept to torment rather then freeing them in death

on the way out they were attacked by a group of deformed morlock, the desenent of the sea people who surived in teh most retched of places after ther fall of the isle.


GM: It runs a finger down your back from your spine to your pelvis.
Keith: That's just creepy.
GM : And it's smiling while it does it
Mick: That makes it extra creepy.

GM: Someone must bitch slapped him out of your hands and he turned to ash.

Keith: I extend my rifle for him to grab it.
GM: Are you giving him the stock
Keith: No, he'd probably shoot me. I give him the barrel.

GM: Demon Ian stabs you with his rapier.
Steve: Pull the trigger now he's dead...

Ian: I drink my potion of protection from chaos.
Steve: Does he burst into flames immediately?

GM: You stick your dagger into the barrier, it seems to shimmer like a waterfall.
Keith: I attack the lightness!

GM: Randy casts a spell and lobs a scimitar to you. At least he's not a watery tart.
Mick: It would be better if he was a tart, then I'd be king.

The Spoils

Steve: Silver Mace, Wand of burning disarm, wand of cure moderate wounds (4 charges)

Mick: Wand of Message (cr, 375 gp), +1 scimitar, Cloak of Elvenkind

Keith: ring of climbing, Potion of Jump (cr, 50 gp), Potion of Remove Fear (cr, 50 gp), 5,000 gp in jewelry, gems, coins

Tim: Scroll of True Strike (cr, 25 gp), Scroll of Darkness (cr, 150 gp), Scroll of Protection from Evil (cr, 25 gp)

Lou: Lesser metamagic rod of silence, scroll of lesser restoration

Jim: Headband, Dead Man's

Unclaimed : +1 chainmail, Oil of Purify Food and Drink (cr, 25 gp) , Potion of Guidance (cr, 25 gp) , Corset of the Vishkanya - squeeze through thing places., 2 silver spears, 4 silver short sword, silver longsword, silver hammer, gold holy symbol, 180 gp

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alek 5000.0 0.0 0.0 5000 Need 4000 for level 4

Clarence 10664.0 0.0 0.0 10664 Need 4336 for level 5

Garath 9805.0 175.0 9535.0 19515 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 3485 for level 6

Glorandal Grevalur 11465.0 140.0 9535.0 21140 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 1860 for level 6
mighty morphing +50
gone with the blast wave +30
still a demon, you drown him, i'll burn him +30
fishing +30

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 12345.0 210.0 9535.0 22090 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 910 for level 6
bait +30
great rolls while possessed +30
dealing with traps +50
returning holy symbol, trying to clean alter +100

Scales 8859.0 0.0 0.0 8859 Need 141 for level 4

Takalis 11454.0 0.0 0.0 11454 Need 3546 for level 5

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