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Welcome to Justice County in the Utah territory, one of the last few places people like you can find peace. The year is 1868, the Civil War fresh on peoples mind thanks to some of the strange tales the veterans from both sides tell. Of course in the last twenty years "strange" just don't mean what it used to.

Mutations started about twenty years ago. No real form altering mutations (turning into lizards, human torch, see through body, etc) have been seen although there are rumors of someone with wings. Society as a whole despises and views mutantkind as a curse or the devils work. The United Mutant Agency is a government formed agency that hunts down and destroys dangerous mutants and seeks to find a cure for the mutations. The is also the Purifiers who believe that all mutations are the work of the devil and vow to send the demonspawn back to hell in God's name.


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