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Against the Lich King

The Barstow Wedding.

The Hook

Brendon Barstow is marrying his only daughter Evangiline off too a would be hero and priest named Karst. Everyone is invited to the dance afterward that if s being held in the Barstow family barn. Food and drink will be plentiful. But something is amiss…


The wedding off without a problem and nearly everyone in town came to Barstow's farm to celebrate. Things were going well, the food was awesome and the drinks were flowing freely. The dance floor filled with villagers as Bornon played a lively tune on his banjolele.

This proved to be their undoing as those rhythmic motions created a resonant effect which caused part of the barn roof and floor to collapse. It was a chaotic scene as some people were killed by falling joists and the floor fell into a pit. Even as things seemed like they coudn't get any worse, a number of skeletons swarmed out of the pit.

Luckily, there were heroes at hand. The mighty Dragan struck many of them down with his sword as did the horoic Bornon. Alon called upon his eldritch skills to slay skeletons as well. The sly Ropp slew many of them using improvised weapons and Arric was able to harness the power of Dalenydra to vanquish the vile creatures and to heal those who were wounded.

When the dust settled, there were a few people dead, but far fewer than if the heroes hadn't acted. Sadly, one of those who was killed was Karts, the groom, who was crushed by a beam.

It turned out a few skeletons had escaped into town. Luckily, the wily Dragan was able to find their tracks; he and Alon went after one group, Bornon and Ropp pursued a second, and Arric went after a group that was headed toward the guard tower. Most of them were slain in short order, but two managed to escape and were eventually tracked down on the road and slain by the group.

When they returned, a town meeting was held to decide what to do about the bronze doors found in the pit. After discussing just bricking them up, it was decided it would be better if a group of heroes was willing to see what sort of monsters might be lurking down below.

The heroes of Barstow's farm took on the task. They made there way through the doors and down several flights of stairs to a spot where a collapsed bridge over an underground river thwarted them. They returned to the barn for planks to cross the river and quickly returned.

As they made it about one-third across a horrid troll threw a spear then leapt down on them from above. His spear nearly killed Ropp, but the halfling turned out be tougher than expected. The group converged on the villain as Arric healed Ropp. Between the puissance of the warriors and Alon's mastery over water, the creature was soon killed and its head removed.

Bornon suggested checking its lair and they found treasures both magical and mundane.

The Spoils

Dragan: Long Sword, cold
Alon: +1 luckstone
Ropp: +1 Cloak (AC)
Bornon: Heavy Steel Shield, Chain Shirt

Each person: 30gp 14sp 22cp

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 0.0 150.0 750.0 900 Need 400 for level 2
Roleplaying +150

Arric 0.0 150.0 750.0 900 Need 400 for level 2
Roleplaying +150

Bornon Dibayou 0.0 150.0 750.0 900 Need 400 for level 2
Roleplaying +150

Dragan 0.0 150.0 750.0 900 Need 400 for level 2
Roleplaying +150

Ropp Flamecoin 0.0 150.0 750.0 900 Need 400 for level 2
Roleplaying +150

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