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Against the Lich King

Explore, explore

The Hook

The party has heard Iíll tidings from Westhaven. Will they return?


In a swamp: if they come it could upset everything.

In Westhaven: I hope the heroís return soon, too many have disappeared.

Elsewhere: look my lovely fresh meat and they have treasure.

In Doomgate: Man the wall! Cavalry make ready! This could be it!


The group tracked the kobolds back to their lair making their way into a mountainous region as they continued their quest to return to Westhaven. They spotted a half-dozen kobolds up on a ridge, but the kobolds hadn't seen them yet. Alon made quick work of them.

They continued to advance on the kobold's lair, but were cautious given the reputation of kobolds as wily trappers. Eventually, they spotted the opening to the lair and made their way forward. It seemed to easy and probably was as another group of kobolds stepped out of a hidden area and attacked their flank. It was a tough fight6, but the heroes prevailed and continued to explore.

They found a giant pile of gold, but were more than a little nervous about such an obvious trap. They decided it had probably belonged to the dragon, but were still nervous and so continued their exploration.

They fought some of the kobolds allies, found the sorceror's lab, and then made their way into a room with a demon who was trapped. A tense negotiation followed with he heroes wanting the demon to leave and the demon saying he couldn't leave until they broke the circle. The demon hadn't bargained on the strength of Arric's connection to the Blessed Attendant and soon found himself being slowly destroyed by her power.

He departed screaming threats of vengeance.

They searched the lab and found more info on the plans against Westhaven including that their were five sites forming a pentagram and the optimal time for the evil ones to act was soon. They also found a strange gate with a mithril loop and glyphs saying "Explore, explore, explore". Between the demon and the fact that the sorcerer seemed not to have tried it, they decided to leave it and go to Westhaven where they were needed and might have time for some research.


GM : Ropp sprintes into the brush.
Joe: I told him to do that before the fight.

Joe: All I'm saying is that if dragons could reach anywhere on their body with their mouth, they wouldn't be so anry all the time.

Tim: The ground becomes difficult terrain.
GM: It doesn't matter, nothing is moving, everything is dead.

Lou: I had to give my cat catnip to calm her down.
Joe: Yeah, (air quotes) Catnip.
Steve: That's what he calls his hammer.

The Spoils

Lou: Dagger +2, Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds, Heward's Handy Haversack

Jimmy: Potion of Cure Light Wounds, Potion of Magic Weapon

Joe: Potion of Greater Heroism

Steve: Glove of Briliant Energy Symbol

Keith: 12 Arrows +1

Unclaimed: +2 Chain, Potion Box 900 gold, Golden Sword (500), Kobold Crown

50 Platinum, 1200 gold each.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 19900.0 500.0 2011.0 22411 Need 589 for level 7
Roleplaying +500

Arric 19900.0 500.0 2011.0 22411 Need 589 for level 7
Roleplaying +500

Bornon Dibayou 19900.0 500.0 2011.0 22411 Need 589 for level 7
Roleplaying +500

Dragan 11900.0 500.0 2011.0 14411 Need 589 for level 6
Roleplaying +500

Ropp Flamecoin 6300.0 4700.0 2011.0 13011 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 1989 for level 6
Roleplaying +500
B-Team (previous) +4200

War Wandering 17100.0 500.0 2011.0 19611 Need 3389 for level 7
Roleplaying +500

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