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Against the Lich King

#12 Aftermath

The Hook

The group stopped the ritual. Can they survive the aftermath


In the south: Something has gone wrong we must get to the ceremony site.

In the East: Something has gone wrong we must get to the ceremony site.

In the North: Something has gone wrong. You must get to the ceremony site.

Elsewhere: No Master it was not me! I's THEIR fault!


After resting, the Guardians of Westhaven spoke with the Strix and decided to head east to meet one of the four groups converging on the ruined tower. They moved quickly but were ambushed by a trio of apparent cultists. After making short work of them, they could hear the sound of drums approaching. They hid as best they could and waited for them, launching an ambush of their own.

The enemy marched into view; there were a score of orcs being driven forward by an ogre who was in turn followed by four humans. The battle opened with Alon calling stones to attack the back of the column; many of the orcs and one of the humans was killed. The rest of the group broke cover and attacked. Ropp struck one of the humans with a dart and killed him instantly; the other members of the group had similar success and the battle was over in a matter of moments with no casualties on their side and a lone survivor on the other. The survivor begged for his life and, after looting his equipment, he was allowed to flee with his life.

The group decided to move back to the ruined temple at speed, but it wasn’t enough. They arrived to find that two groups of the enemy had arrived and were fortifying the location. They cast a few spells to augment their powers before attacking. An invisible Arric moved close to nearly two score of orcs and used his powers as a luminous font to destroy the orcs in the sacred light of Dalenydra. The others joined the battle with more called stones, a lightning bolt, and a ton of whacks from hammer, sword, spear, and more.

One of the priests engulfed Arric in a tower of black fire, nearly killing him. As the battle proceeded, he moved closer to the enemy and used healing flame to smite his enemies and aid his friends at the same time. They battle was fierce, but in the end, good prevailed. Even as the last of that group was put to the sword, a third group arrived from the south.

This group was similar to the others but in addition to the orcs, ogre, and humans, they had a score or so of zombies. War and Bamf met the Zombies and were making short work of them when Arric arrived and once again called on the power of Dalenydra. Most of the zombies fled from her power and were set ablaze with divine flame. Another lightning bolt from Alon silenced more of them and then the warriors went to work, quickly ending the lives of all those who dared to oppose them.

As they began to gather the bodes and search them, Ropp noticed that one of the flagstones was loose. Lifting it carefully, he revealed a set of stairs which led into darkness.


GM: Keith, roll perception check for you and Hern.
Joe: I thought you said deception checks.
Gm: Yea just a little further.
Lou: Are we there yet?

Joe: Damn, you just got ground-grigged.

GM: They're wearing brown streaked armor.
Joe: Is it camouflage or bowel control?

Arric: I heal Bornon
Bornon: Sorry War, but he doesn't have to bend over to heal me.

Bornon: If you plan to surrender, do it now or you walk out of here in a loincloth.

Bornon: That's how I like my opponents, cowardly.

Bornon: The one guy took out all those orcs
Bamf: That was their opening volley
Bornon: And that was the pacifist.

Keith: 18 damage, I love this d12!
Tim: If it rolls 18s, I'd love it too.

Bornon: I like my evil priests in leather.

Keith (referencing War and Bamf): I think of you two as Frick and Frack.

The Spoils

Joe: +2 Heavy Shield, Potion of Heroism

Tim: +1 Heavy Mace, +1 Crossbow, 11 +1 Bolts

Jim: Belt that grants 10 HP that last 24 hours or until lost; usable once per day, Potion of CLW

Galen (NPC): +2 Long Sword

Unclaimed: +1 Shield, +1 Long Swoard, +1 Two-Handed Sword, +2 Chain Mail, Platinum Drinking Horn with Gems (100 gp)

Everyone: 32 GP, 89 SP, 11 CP

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 25166.0 360.0 3640.0 29166 Need 4834 for level 8
Roleplaying +360

Arric 25166.0 360.0 3640.0 29166 Need 4834 for level 8
Roleplaying +360

Bamf 15000.0 360.0 3640.0 19000 Need 4000 for level 7
Roleplaying +360

Bornon Dibayou 25166.0 360.0 3640.0 29166 Need 4834 for level 8
Roleplaying +360

Dragan 15711.0 360.0 3640.0 19711 Need 3289 for level 7
Roleplaying +360

Ropp Flamecoin 15766.0 360.0 3640.0 19766 Need 3234 for level 7
Roleplaying +360

War Wandering 19611.0 360.0 3640.0 23611 Went from Level 6 to 7
Need 10389 for level 8
Roleplaying +360

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