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Against the Lich King

Beyond Troll River

The Hook

The Heroes of Barstow's Farm continue to explore the area beyond the Bronze Doors.


In Town
Arric: I'd like breakfsst before we get going again.


After a hearty breakfast, the group returned to the dungeon to explore further. Along the way they were vexed several times by missing bridges and finally decided to carry the long planks with them.

Their first encounter was an easy one as a quarter of skeletons guarded a passage ahead. They used a combination of missile weapons and spells to defeat them with the final blow being dealt by Arric who harnessed the power of the Blessed Attendant to end the suffering of the poor creatures.

In the early stages, they were vexed by some watery aberrations. First there were giant frogs which tried to swallow Ropp and Arric whole, then they fought a giant crayfish which fled when it was badly hurt.

Later they were attacked by a pair of centipedes which crawled out of a crevasse onto the roof above. They were also dealt with using distance and reach weapons.

In the final section of the dungeon they found a group of orcs maintaining a large fire over which they were spitting a sheep. The orcs tried to be clever with oil and traps, but the party proved smarter and the orcs were, for the most part, dispatched. A local shepherd, Basil, was found and rescued.

Following the passages they'd found to their conclusion, the found themselves outside where four orcs had escaped in different directions. They followed one and caught him. He was interrogated and revealed that their leader Grass Dick had deliberately cut out his eye to make him a more tempting and easier target to track. He was taken to town and agreed to work for three months to pay off his debts. He also offered to show the party a treasure they might have missed in the temple.

They returned and found that two of the three orcs had returned while Grass Dick had continued with his plan to rejoin the tribe. One of the orcs was found near death in the opening to the temple. The other was found digging for the treasure. He proved to be exceptionally stupid and Bornin killed him after the orc hit him with a rock.

The other orc was taken back to town and agreed to do three months of servitude as well. Farmer Bartholomew was given 150 copper and some gear to pay the orcs when their three month sentence was done.

With all the resolved, Alon and Bornin decided to return to the temple; Bornin plans to make it into his secret hideout and Alon went along to help him with the rivers and other water hazards.

Ropp and Dragan went north to warn those in the outlying areas that an orc army might be on the move and to keep their people close and report any orc activity immediately.

Arric stayed in Westvale to help ensure the orcs settled in without causing more trouble and to check on Basil. He also had plans to spend some money wisely.


GM: When you clean off the rust, you find the remnants of a unicorn and a tower that was painted there once.
Bornon: Great, my shield shows a symbol of virginity and my erect "tower".
Alon: It protects your virginity.

GM: There are rocks piled in front of the door.
Bornon: We get our rocks off.
Alon: I thought your shield blocked that.
Bornon: Only with other people.

Joe: I got the shield of virginity and Tim gets lucky.

Joe: I try to make the orcs think it's the frogs attacking. Ribbit! Ribbit, mother fuckers!

Joe: Stop Ropp, and roll.

The Spoils

Joe: Potion of Bear's Endurance
Tim: Potion of CLW (2 doses)

37 GP Each

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 900.0 150.0 650.0 1700 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1600 for level 3
Roleplaying +150

Arric 900.0 150.0 650.0 1700 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1600 for level 3
Roleplaying +150

Bornon Dibayou 900.0 150.0 650.0 1700 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1600 for level 3
Roleplaying +150

Dragan 900.0 150.0 650.0 1700 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1600 for level 3
Roleplaying +150

Ropp Flamecoin 900.0 150.0 650.0 1700 Went from Level 1 to 2
Need 1600 for level 3
Roleplaying +150

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