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Against the Lich King

#3: Ruins in the Swamp

The Hook

After a productive 2 weeks of relaxation recovery and personal growth the roup comes back together at the request of Dragan


Alon and Bornon head back to the fallen temple to make sure its empty and then begin renovations to turn it into Bornon's secret lair.

Arric spends time in Westhaven helping the villagers recover from what many are calling the Night of Terror. He has arranged for ground to be broken on a new building at the north end of town.

Ropp has been content to spend time in the tavern spinning tales of the underground journey in exchange for drinks.

Dragan and Hern spent those two weeks travelling through areas north of Westhaven. Dragan carried word of the possible orc incursi0n to the half dozen farms and the woodcutters home as well as mapping the local environs (map to come in a week or so) one of the places of note was a dark and forbidding looking marshland 4 days north where a good portion of the river through town originates. It is also where one of the farmers sons said he saw a haunted building. Not being able to get there and return to town on the appointed day Dragan opted to return to town and gather the rest of the group to investigate.


Dragan returned to town and quickly assembled the team. Gathering Ropp was the most difficult as he was pretty drunk. Arric was allegedly busy flirting with the ladies and was also somewhat difficult to find. The group assembled in time for lunch and quickly headed off.

They spend the first few nights on the road staying with farmers. The last farmer was near the swamp and had a hog stolen the night before. They decided to pursue the hog thief but quicly lost him in the swamp. They decided to investigage the house with strange lights that Dragan had seen.

They made their way to the swamp unti8l they found a cluster of small islands with buildings. They'd heard of adventurers who disappeared twenty years ealier, but weren't too afraid. They found the building first and after a few minutes, they opted to investigate.

They were attacked by burning skulls who threatened to set them on fire. Luckily, Bornin and Dragan proved more than a match for them with a little help from Dalenydra. In that same room they were attacked by two glowing symbols, noe of lust and the other of greed. No one appeared to be influenced by either and they were both destroyed.

In the next room, they encountered a skeletal snake with a human head which attacked and promptly dazed Ropp, who was effectively knocked out of the fight. The others rallied and were able to destroy the creatures with a little healing help from Arric and the Blessed Attendant.

As they continued to explore, they were attacked by a pair of whirlwind skeletons; each of them had 4 arms with a shortsword in each hand. They were vicious in their attacks and caused a great deal of trouble. Luckily, Arric used his faith and Alon his magic to help wear them down quickly. At that point, there was nothing left in that building and they moved onto another one.

The second building was smaller, but darker. Arric threw a rock with light into the room and two ghouls stormed out attacking Dragan and Ropp. Luckily, neither of them was paralyzed by the filthy flesh-eaters. The battle was brief but the forces of good again prevailed.

The building had no other hazards so they proceeded to the tower they had seen earlier. It proved to be a multi-story affair with no occupants. They cleared it, finding an impressive amount of treasure before deciding to spend the night. They never found a creature but there were traps and some items.

They had deliberately triggered a net full of rocks to fall in the entrance and now Arric, laid on the floor and pretended to have been a victim of the trap. No one came and after a few hours the group made camp on the second floor. After a few more hours, they heard the sounds of a creature outside. Looking, they saw that a troll had come calling. They let it enter the tower and then killed it as it climbed to the second floor.

Feeling somewhat accomplished, they left the island with plans to return later.


Joe: Originally he had a Newton's Cradle of 5 wolves and the sign was more fun.

Joe: Don't worry kid, a few missing fingers build character.

Bornon: I'm starting to worry about you Alon.
Alon: Why?
Bornon: You drink like a fish.

GM: What did I do with my dice?
Joe: We thought we we're going to start, but no dice.

Bornon: Do we have a banner so we can claim this?
Dragon: Don't worry, Hern will mark it.

Joe: You suffer the mind effects of Lust and Greed. He turns around and says All your asses belong to me.

Bornon: I move to flank lust and take it from behind

The Spoils

2 Books (Swamp Creatures, Sketches of Brandine) Not appraised
Silver Brush with B valued at 5 gold
Fancy Dress with B valued at 15 gold
Bunch of coins, mostly silver valued at 50 gold
50 silver valued at 5 gold
25 gold valued at 25 gold
2 Bllodstones, 25 gp each valued at 50 gold
Earrings pair valued at 50 gold
Silver Scepter with Gems valued at 50 gold
50 Platinum valued at 500 gold
50 gold valued at 50 gold
Pearl valued at 100 gold
Total 900 or 180 each.

Alon: Scroll with Magic Missile and Burning Hands
Bornon: + 1 Short Sword (Blue Streak)
Dragan: +1 Silver Long Sword (Dragan's Claw)

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 1700.0 200.0 800.0 2700 Need 600 for level 3
Roleplaying +200

Arric 1700.0 200.0 800.0 2700 Need 600 for level 3
Roleplaying +200

Bornon Dibayou 1700.0 200.0 800.0 2700 Need 600 for level 3
Roleplaying +200

Dragan 1700.0 200.0 800.0 2700 Need 600 for level 3
Roleplaying +200

Ropp Flamecoin 1700.0 200.0 800.0 2700 Need 600 for level 3
Roleplaying +200

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