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Against the Lich King

#5: Caves of Madness

The Hook

One of the local mermen spotted something weird in some caves between the merfolk settlement and Westhaven.


On the Road
Where are we going?
It's a little town called Westhaven.

On the Cliff


Alon told the group about the sightings and they decided to go with him to investigate. After thinking about the two-day walk, they rented a boat which took only a few hours. As they headed for the cliffs, the boat and crew did some fishing.

They made their way along the shore eventually reaching the cliff. As they approached, they could see a pair of eyes watching them from above a log. They surmised that the creature must have eyes on top of its head. They tried to hale the creature, but the eyes disappeared and it was gone.

They continuted until they came to a small cave on the cliffside. They moved in cautiously and found three scorpiorcs -- weird orcs with scorpion bodies and claws, orc heads, and arms, and eyes on stalks. The creatures called out a warning to their friends as battle was joined.

Those three were slain and the party moved on through the cave to the next room where they were attacked by six more of the creatures, one of whom was wielding a glowing magical sword. The battle was fierce and they were forced to fight hard. Arric spent much of his time healing them to try to keep them in the fight. Luckily, the others proved up to the challenge and they were able to slay the monsters.

As they began looking for treasure, three more came in from behind them and attacked. It was another terrible fight as the creatures were able to hit hard and often. Once again, the group was able to carry the day through the use of magic.

Having been surprised by one concealed door, the group spent a couple of hours mapping the caves and looking for other hidden rooms before heading back to the boat for the trip home.

Returning to the village, they commissioned the construction of their own boat paying in advance. Over the new few days they discovered a caravan arriving. They befriended some of the caravan members and it turned out that a couple of families were moving into Westhaven and the rest were heading to Doomgate. There was a welcoming celebration where Graack turned out to be quite a dancer.

Following the party, the group decided to go with the caravan to Doomgate just so they could say they'd been there.


Joe: I stand on one of them and swing at another.
Tim: Good Job Captain Morgan!

Joe: I heard you ran into angry elves, dwarven prostitutes, spiders, and a giant.
Settler: There were no prostitutes.
Joe: What do you mean? I have it on my map!
Tim: I told you, your map sucks.

The Spoils

Keith: Ring of Maniacal Devices

Joe: +1 Long Sword, Potion of Water Breathing

Tim: Ring of Spell knowledge 1 (Burning Hands)

Ropp: POotion of Fire Breathing

Steve: Oil of Freedom of Movement

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 3300.0 240.0 960.0 4500 Need 1500 for level 4
Roleplaying +240

Arric 3300.0 240.0 960.0 4500 Need 1500 for level 4
Roleplaying +240

Bornon Dibayou 3300.0 240.0 960.0 4500 Need 1500 for level 4
Roleplaying +240

Dragan 3300.0 240.0 960.0 4500 Need 1500 for level 4
Roleplaying +240

Ropp Flamecoin 3300.0 240.0 960.0 4500 Need 1500 for level 4
Roleplaying +240

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