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Against the Lich King

Trickery, deceit and traitors

The Hook

Strang thing are afoot in Doomgate while troubling tales come from Westhaven


In Doomgate
Sell the map then when the gate opens act

Also in Doomgate
those meddlesome troublesome “adventurers”

In Westhaven
they are gone now may be the best time to act. I will send a message to the hag.


Word reached the adventurers that the people of Westhaven needed their help. Apparently friends of theirs had been killed or gone missing and there were problems afoot which needed investigations.

The heroes acquired horses and provisions for the trip and left Doomgate headed for Westhaven. They traveled several days when trouble struck. A group of kobolds stood in front of them and demanded they pay for passage. They asked the price and were told they had to part with all their valuables.

A dozen kobolds didn't offer much opposition to them and so the group decided to destroy them rather than pay. Hern lept forward and tore the throat from one of the kobolds. That's when the trap was sprung.

A large group of undead came from the side of the road and as the group split their attention between the zombies and the kobolds, a third quarter was heard from as a fireball ripped through the group.

Things accelerated out of control from there. Arric was able to put down many of the undead and wound several of the others while Alon turned his attention to the enemy wizard and the warriors split their attention between the kobolds and the undead.

Even as things started to look better for them, more undead appeared, this time with an enemy priest. It mattered little to Arric who kept destroying them. In another bit of unexpected danger, they were suddenly strafed by the lightning breath of a blue dragon.

With most of the undead vanquished, the warrior were able to turn their attention to the enemy spellcasters, neither of whom lasted very long. The dragon, having been beaten somewhat severely, attempted to escape only to be felled by a bolt of cold from Alon.

They cleaned up the mess and decided to track the kobolds back to their lair to see if there was dragon treasure to be had. Luckily, the tracks led in the general direction of Westhaven, so it didn't cause much delay.


Joe: He's wearing armor that's like the difference between man and ape. Plenty of missing links.

Joe: He worships Bonezo, the evil clown of death.

Joe: They're not touching you, they're not touching you

The Spoils

Joe: chainmail shirt +1
steve: wand cure moderate 15 charges

Other items
cloak +1 resistance
10 crossbows
fancy unholy symbol.
10 long swords
masterwork mace

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Alon 12800.0 125.0 6975.0 19900 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 3100 for level 7
Roleplaying +125

Arric 12800.0 125.0 6975.0 19900 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 3100 for level 7
Roleplaying +125

Bornon Dibayou 12800.0 125.0 6975.0 19900 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 3100 for level 7
Roleplaying +125

Dragan 11900.0 0.0 0.0 11900 Need 3100 for level 6

Ropp Flamecoin 6300.0 0.0 0.0 6300 Need 3700 for level 5

War Wandering 10000.0 125.0 6975.0 17100 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 5900 for level 7
Roleplaying +125

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