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After the War


The Taldorin Empire is in turmoil. A war between factions of the Senedd Arcane ravaged the countryside. As that confrontation spread, a death cult used the resulting chaos as an opening to attack the empire, in some cases even opening gates to the lower planes so that fiends were free to roam the land. The aftermath has been chaos, with everything from simple bandits to magical beasts wandering the land.


The Taldorin Empire is several centuries old. It itself is built on the remains of the older kingdoms. The imperial seat of Cyradil is built on the remains of the fortress of an elven King that the first Emperor overthrew. The history states that the first Emeror led a slave revolt against the elven king. The Empire has conquered or gained the fielty of many lands.

While the Imperial House is human, there are peoples of many races included in the empire. Elves and dwarves, as well as Orcs and Catfolk, to name a few. All live together under the Emperor's peace.


The Imperial capital, Cyradil, is a port city. The people and goods from across the empire and beyond pass through the city. The Imperial palace sits on an island a short distance into the bay, connected to the city proper by a causeway. The city is divided into multiple quarters by defensive walls. Some quarters serve a singular purpose such as the port quarter or the temple quarter, others were simply the result of the city expanding. The city was badly damaged by the recent turmoil, with an actual Hell Gate opened by a cult called the “New Dawn”.

The city is set in an area of forested hills, with roads leading out from the city. There are many small villages in the area surrounding the city, as well as the ruins of previous kingdoms. Much of the surrounding land has reverted to wilderness, with aurochs and wolf packs roaming the hills.

Senedd Arcane

The Senedd Arcane is the body overseeing arcane magic within the Empire. While many are wizards, there are others such as sorcerers and magus. The Imperial Collegium in Cyradil is the seat of the Senedd Arcane, with many mages studying within its walls.

There was recently a falling out within the Senedd Arcane. The precipitating issue was a dispute over necromancy. Many, with the encouragement of the Emperor, moved to ban or limit the practice. The resulting disputes spiraled into open conflict, with some using the situation as a pretext to settle old disputes.


All faiths are welcome within the Empire so long as they do not disturb the Imperial peace or bring harm to the Imperial citizens. The official church of the Empire is Bahumet, the Grand Dragon. The Emperor himself is said to be a paladin of Bahumet.

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