This page is dedicated to sharing information about games mostly being played in my basement. It will be mostly of interest to those who actually play those games, but you're welcome to crib anything you like off our pages.



Against the Lich King
Stop the rise of Dobruk!
Journal Thursday, 03/30/2023 12:11:44
Chronicle (Wednesday, 09/27/2023 16:13:00)
Experience (Wednesday, 09/20/2023 23:19:00)

Explorer's Club
The adventure is all.
Journal Monday, 01/16/2023 14:31:36
Chronicle (Tuesday, 04/18/2023 20:51:00)
Experience (Wednesday, 01/18/2023 22:30:00)

Harbingers and Horrors
Can you stop the monsters without becoming one of them?
Journal Wednesday, 07/19/2023 23:19:59
Chronicle (Thursday, 09/14/2023 01:07:00)
Experience (Thursday, 08/03/2023 15:39:00)

All the campaigns we've chronicled, including the deadlist

Other Games
The skinny on some of our other interests like Dragon Dice and Disk Wars.


General Discussions
(Thursday, 04/06/2023 21:24:43)

What's going on
(2022-08-08 23:30:03)

Documents which don't necessarily apply to one game.

Site Changes
(Friday, 08/17/2012 23:42:37)

Other stuff you probably won't get if you don't play with us like our dictionary, location survey, etc

Our Dictionary
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