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After the War


A brief description of the characters and their motives (as described by the players):

Magnus Stramberg - Steve
Magnus is a tall and powerfully built soldier with a stern and intimidating demeanor. He rarely speaks, preferring to convey his opinion through violence. He has a tstoo on his face of the goddess Nocturna; he was nearly sacrificed to the goddess of assassins but was saved by his companions. Most people assume it reflects his loyalty to her and react poorly.

Stier ( sty-er) - joe
A veteran wizard of the last war who became a initiate of the Magikreiger, a order who abandon their personal identities to better serve their cause of general do gooding. Wears a stylized bull mask at all times in public because "This is the way" ( total bullshit, he's a tiefling who wears a mask because he's tired of being called Hellboy, and was too young to participate in the war, the military surplus uniforms with the insignia removed he wears was bought secondhand because he loves looking like a bad ass.)

Wisqerim Zumfir - Jim
Wisqe is a half-elf who prides himself on his skill with the bow. He is also a skilled tracker.

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