The game will take place in and around a mountain pass in the Sierra Nevadas, an area called the Orian pass.

Geographically the pass has the town of Sparta in the middle of the pass and the almost deserted town of Athens on the California side. Sparta is mostly a ski resort town, while Athens is not much more than a truck stop. North of Sparta is Blind Widow Mountain and the Rosewood Ski resort, north of that is the Orian National forest. East and South of town is the Ailaklak Indian reservation, most of the Indians live in the hills south of the town, the area east of the town is more of a holy area centering around Webster's Leap Mountain. West of the town is an uninhabitable stretch of sheer cliffs and bare rock that was once home to countless small silver mines which are now all played out. Running though the pass is the busy Orian Highway, a four lane road passing though both towns.


The game will be played using Joe's Crunch System, the details of which are explained at the links below:


Details of the campaign being played are offered below:

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