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Game Scope

The Dark City, Detroit. A place where it's not safe to walk in the inner city at night. Where gangs run the streets, and cops look the other way for a few extra bucks in their pockets each month. Drugs, sex, violence, and gangs rule the inner city. When the street lights come on at night, you better pray that you parked closed to your office that day, or you can run fast to your car. Despite all efforts to clean up the inner city, they always seem to get stopped or held up in some mass amount of red tape.  But there's something more about the inner city at night that worries and scares people. Something that no one can put their fingers on, but even some of the gangs say that sometimes at night even they get spooked by the sound of foot steps in the alley ways, the sounds of bumps around the corner. Some say it's the supernatural, those who do are laughed at by who ever they express their theroies to. The general public just shrugs everything off as gangs fighting for turf, even all the mysterious deaths that happen in the dark alleys of the city.


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