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Children of Volturnus

It has been just over a hundred years since the Heroes of Volturnus defeated the Melted God and reclaimed the wasteland. The heroes have passed into legend and now a new threat has reared its ugly head in what was the Wastes and is now vast rolling grassland dotted by forests and lying in the center of rolling grasslands is a large shallow lake called the Lake of Heroes.

Every fifth year for the last 104 years the Monks of Kumatai have traveled to the island in the middle of the lake on a pilgrimage to remember the Heroes on the longest day of the year. They would hold competitions for advancement in their order and return with new wisdom to share with the world. This year however the celebration was marred by the slaughter of all who attended the gathering. People say this bodes ill for the coming 5 years. In the months since this slaughter several of the small towns bordering the lake have reported attacks in the night and strange disappearances. Now the people look for new heroes.


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