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Isle of Mysteries

For the Horde

The Hook

The bugs sent a note about some prey to the north, probably the ones who slaughter Kinoc and his men.

Excellent. My son need to prove himself. Call for a horde and he will hunt them down.


They seek you here, they seek you there.
And they dam well know you're around here somewhere.
Be you in swamp, or wandering around
Here they come to hunt you down.


Torag Manblood hatched a scheme.
Ordered to prove his manhood by slaying the new arrivals to the isle, he sound out his daemon tutor Belkar and asked for his help to set off the doom bell, a device of magical destruction that would send off waves of thunderous noise that would tear apart everything between the sea and the orc city of Malatar.

But a spirit took possession of Ian Lightfoot and scratched a warning into his chest as well as directions to the bell.

Scales, Randy and Garath made there way there, felled the orcs outside as well as fighting a pavilion of evil ( Vlad's Punishing Pavilion).

Inside they discovered the domed structure was a enormous bell, found the animated dead dire rhino, then passed through a series of rooms to read the control room.

They face a riddle room, a puzzle room, a room that they had to crawl through a tunnel, and fight the orc war construct that had been too big to pass, emptied a jar of holy water by hand, and finally produce human blood on a spike to pass, fortunately they had pressed a parchment against Ian’s chest to make a map and had some handy.

Inside they faced Torag Manblood in battle during which Randy blocked the mechanism of the device, The demon set off the bell at one-quarter power and was finished off just as Torag reanimated and nearly sent Randy to oblivion.

Now what to do with the doom bell?


GM: You hear a whimpering sound from Ian's hammock.
Randy: Hopefully it's not another native girl.
Scales: Or boy.
GM: When you see him, he's carving a map into his own chest using one of his picks.

GM : All the mouths open and begin making an unearthly screaming noise.

GN: The monkey is shoveing the potion down your throat
Garath: I swallow
GM: it is pleased

GM: I guess you have to be an unchained barbarian to be good at stealth (the barbarian was wearing a chain shirt which mean a -2 armor penalty)

Gm: The creepy tent run over you engulfing you with in it's cold clammy flayed skinned interior. it's pretty intense. ( in tents )

GM: If only you hand some human blood on you ( players remember ian blood map inprint )

GM: If only someone had filled a wine skin full of holy water ( player remember they filled a wine skin with holy water.)

GM: Shit. ( gm remembered that one of the player has a human bane glaive after making the leader of the orcs a half orc in order to pass human blood door)

The Spoils

Jim: Gloves of the Holy talons. 1d4 claw attack. +1 blessed weapons, +1 more vs. evil and +1d6 damage. grant same magic bonus to those who already have claws

Keith: Boots of Jumping, Potion of cure mod

Steve: Robes of armor +2, +1 dagger of holy water, Wand of Magic Missiles 2 missiles. 30 charges.

Tim: Scroll dispel magic, tiny hut, obscuring mist

Group: Doomsday (Domesday?) weapon.

Experience Points

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total

Part 1

CharacterPreviousBonusBaseNew Total
Clarence 15000.0 0.0 0.0 15000 Need 8000 for level 6

Garath 22155.0 1130.0 3700.0 26985 Went from Level 5 to 6
Need 8015 for level 7
stopping the bell +1000
blood map +50
getting pass door with handly human blood he just happened to have on him +25
stand in tim ( hold person, hold person) +5
keeping a good orc down +50

Glorandal Grevalur 23780.0 1135.0 3700.0 28615 Need 6385 for level 7
stopping the bell +1000
bat out of hell +10
riddle +50
stealing parts +25
jamming device +50

Ian (Ee-an) Lightfoot 22090.0 0.0 0.0 22090 Need 910 for level 6

Scales 11499.0 1090.0 3700.0 16289 Went from Level 4 to 5
Need 6711 for level 6
stopping the bell +1000
beer entusiast +10
infinet holy water +50
planning route +20
why do i almost always get killed +10

Takalis 14169.0 0.0 0.0 14169 Need 831 for level 5

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