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Steve's Basement

Zippo Tricks from Steve
It's all in the title, but they've got over 200 tricks, with video tips on most of them. You may never look at a zippo lighter the same way again. I may have to go buy one.
Kitty Peep Show from Dave
This is kind of a pointless like, yet fairly entertaining.
Guess the Name from Dave
Nifty Site that has you pick a movie/tv show and through a series of yes or now answers attempts to deduce you choice. Pretty nifty..Go obscure(of all people, we outta be good at that.)
Sykes Palace from Tony the Englishman
Tony's home page, with links to his gaming world.
vader for president from joe
Osprey Essential Norman Conquest from Lou
Osprey's recreation of William the Conqueror conquest of England.
Happy Robot from Dave
Not really gaming related, but it has some educational content, but some of their features are very tounge in cheek.
Badmovies.org from John
Hawk the Slayer (Review?) Pix and Wavs
House serendipty from Brom
Where many a gamer goes to dress funny and drink.
White Wolf On-line from Steve
Storyteller game system including Vampire, Hunters Hunted, and Werewolf (among others).
Wizards of the Coast from Steve
Makers of Magic, L5R, and Dungeons and Dragons
FASA Homepage from Steve
Makers of Shadowrun, Crimson Skies, and Earthdawn
The Crow's Nest from Steve
Home of the FAQ, Errata, and a lot of other Doomtown information.
Pinnacle Site from Steve
Makers of the Deadlands RPG and the Hell on Earth RPG
Diskwars from Steve
The official Fantasy Flight Games site for Diskwars

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