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Eight Skilled Gentlemen


The setting is the same world as Dragonwall about 200 years later. Two houses have been in a feud for 3 generations. The latest lord of the rival house became lord at the age of 7. His mother was named dowager Ruling lady until he reached the age of 18.
A ruling lady is not honor bound to carry on a oath of vedetta so all thought the fued would not start up again untill the lord reached his majority. In a surprise move the Dowager stepped down one year early and a long planned attack wiped out most of the player friendly house except for one infant.
The players are surviving retainers of house Song and other inhabitants of Tai Province which is now being occupied and plundered by House Chung.
This would be like a robin hood type campaing rather then a dungeon crawling game.


Background Information
Local and World Geography
The Heavens
Starting a Character
Special Rules
Current Characters

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