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More than a thousand years ago the Kami fell to Earth. Eight ended up amongst the new race of humanity. One of the Kami , Fu Leng, fell into a great pit and this became the source of the Shadowlands. This was the rise of the Empire. It was also the beginning of the Empire’s war with the beasts of the Shadowlands.

Rokugan is a land of silk and steel. The complex ettiquette of the courtiers goes hand in hand with the most brutal of warfare. The Clans all serve the Imperial Throne, yet they constantly war with one another. The Empire battles ceaselessly with the Shadowlands, yet the Taint of the Shadowlands is forever creeping into the Empire.


The campaign shall begin with the characters in the village at the foot of the Watchtower of The West. While this is within the lands of the Crab Clan, it is also near the Lands of Scorpion and Unicorn.

The characters should at least be familiar with each other, especially if they are of different castes.


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