Campaign Background

My goal is to run a semi-grounded Champions game. I want to mix episodic adventures with longer campaigns. I hope to have recurring villains, friendly rivals, and all sorts of NPC's with whom the PC's interact. I'd like to at least start with a team of heroes. Campaign events may later break the team, but the focus of the game will always be on the team - if you leave, you'll need a new character.

Currently, it is my intention to base the game in Detroit which has, for reasons thus far unknown, recently become a hotbed of activity.


A brief history
A very rough and early draft
The most famous groups, includes information on disadvantages in some cases
A few of the more famous players in Herodom
Character Creation Notes
House rules and such
Character Background Forms
Optional details about your character's past


Current Characters
Who's who among the players; you can also add your own character to the list
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Back Issues - chronicling the campaign.
What's been going on in recent adventures
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Allows you to roleplay your off-camera encounters
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