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The Shadow War

Campaign Chronicles

Here's where you find out what's happened in previous adventures and what's still to come (in some cases).

#1 The Caves of Mourning
Will the characters dare to explore the surface and the sub-surface. (Updated: Wednesday, 04/17/2024 20:14:00)

#2 The Caves of Mourning part 2
Airship sabotage is real! Now the party is on the ground, what will happen next. (Updated: Wednesday, 04/24/2024 19:43:00)

#3 The Gruncle
Ferric the Marotian Has been hired by his Great Uncle to pick up a package from neighboring Farvoia (Updated: Tuesday, 05/28/2024 20:23:00)

#4 Dwarves Deep
The party finds the Rusty Goblet closed and no sign of any of the staff.
The Captain of the City Watch is there waiting (Updated: Thursday, 05/30/2024 21:55:00)

Things just keep getting stranger; when the party returns to Morovia everyone seems distraught (Updated: Friday, 06/07/2024 00:00:00)

#6 Veggie Tales
The group makes their way to new Favroia. (Updated: Monday, 07/08/2024 23:03:00)

#7 Verdant Violence
Can the players rid the town of its unruly foliage? (Updated: Wednesday, 07/10/2024 15:47:00)
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