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Off the Path

Campaign Chronicles

Here's where you find out what's happened in previous adventures and what's still to come (in some cases).

#1 Haunted Vale
I offer you danger and gold.
Seek me out at the Last Centurian at Midway along the great northern road.
Lumen Stark (Updated: Wednesday, 05/22/2024 22:13:00)

#2 The wolf in the fold
Please, I ain't got much to offer, but that damned wolf is a danger (Updated: Wednesday, 06/12/2024 00:00:00)

#3 Forest Bride
The young man wearing a tartan cloak in orange and gray stumble through the midway gate house, clutching his hand to his still bleeded head.

"Please, he took Breeanna, and I can't find her" (Updated: Wednesday, 06/26/2024 00:53:00)

#4 A flower of seven petals
I reached for the wonderous bloom, only to hear the cry of it's angered guardian above.

(Updated: Tuesday, 07/16/2024 01:10:00)
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