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The Queen is Dead

Campaign Chronicles

Here's where you find out what's happened in previous adventures and what's still to come (in some cases).

The Thing in the Pit
The village of Burnby has a small spring and is near a gravepit which they sometimes harvest. (Updated: Thursday, 11/30/2023 11:51:00)

The Road to Alewick
The group is on their way to Alewick, hoping to collect a bounty being offered on orcs. (Updated: Monday, 12/11/2023 21:19:00)

The Orcs of Alewick
The citizens of Alewick are offering 2 gold each for orc thumbs. (Updated: Thursday, 03/07/2024 00:58:00)

Blond Ambition
Valric receives some information about his missing friends. (Updated: Sunday, 03/24/2024 23:37:00)

Return to Razorpine
Thew group returns to Razorpine knowing that the leader of the Outpost isn't expecting them. (Updated: Monday, 04/29/2024 20:01:00)

The Slave Trade
The group is headed to Alewick in hopes of finding Fergus and rescuing Valric's friends. (Updated: Monday, 04/29/2024 20:20:00)
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