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Delve World


Delve World is a medieval world with a very powerful magical element. The most powerful magicians rule Delve World and the average person finds this perfectly normal and acceptable.

Delve World has disagreements but no wars. When two magicians disagree, they settle their differences in a Delve Match. Delve Matches pit teams of adventurers against each other in a contest. There are strict rules regarding the construction of a Delve and the magicians follow them to the letter. Then each team enters the Delve of the oppossing wizard and they compete. The exact terms of the competition are up to the two wizards.

The premise of this game is that the characters are members of a novice Delve Team. They haven't yet cracked into the big leagues of Delving but are on their way. They are currently competing in contests hoping to attract the attention of a Delve Keeper who could become their sponsor


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